Thursday 26 May 2022
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Rahul Gandhi claims to have offered Mayawati CM post for BSP-INC alliance in UP

The former INC president mentioned Mayawati at a book launch in the context of opposition unity, where he said parties that were against the RSS and Narendra Modi should come together

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While continuing with his diatribes against the and the RSS, INC leader Rahul Gandhi today claimed his party wanted to contest the Uttar Pradesh election in an alliance with the Mayawati-led BSP. The 51-year-old INC leader said the former Uttar Pradesh chief minister turned down the offer.

“Mayawati ji did not fight the election (in Uttar Pradesh). We sent her the message to form an alliance but she didn’t respond. This time she didn’t fight for Dalit voices because there are CBI, ED (Enforcement Directorate) and Pegasus,” the former INC president said while taking a dig at the centre and suggesting misuse of probe agencies.

The INC and BSP both faced humiliating routs in Uttar Pradesh, with the BSP managing to get just one seat while the INC won 2 of 403 assembly seats.

Rahul Gandhi had mentioned Mayawati yesterday in the context of opposition unity. He had said, “Opposition parties that are against the RSS and Narendra Modi should come together. Discussions are ongoing on how they should come together, what should be the framework of it, and that has to be developed.”

Speaking at a book launch event, Rahul Gandhi did not miss an opportunity to attack the RSS. “We have to protect the constitution. To save the constitution, we have to protect our institutions. But all the institutions are in the hands of RSS.” His predictable barbs come a day following his meeting with former Union Minister Sharad Yadav who wanted the not-so-young INC leader to assume charge as the chief of his party. Yadav has been trying to bring the opposition parties together against the BJP.

Today, Gandhi said that he was not interested in the pursuit of power.

“There are politicians who’re in pursuit of power. They wake up in the morning and think how will we attain power and do this the whole day… and then sleep. The repeats the next day. I was born at a power centre but I am not interested in it,” he is heard saying in a video clip.

“As I sleep in the night, I try to understand the nation. It’s like a lover’s quest. When you love something… you try to understand it,” Gandhi said further.

The has often attacked the dynasts for the crisis in INC and its failure to revive. Earlier this week, Union Minister Anurag Thakur said that the INC’s troubles would not end until it looks beyond the Gandhi family.

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