Monday 18 October 2021
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Rafiq kills newspaper vendor when asked for money

Rafiq who had not been paying Mannu for the newspapers for a long time, lost his temper on Thursday, picked an axe and attacked Mannu


Jaipur: In the Kho Nagorian police station area of ​​Jaipur last Thursday, a hawker was killed following a dispute over the payment for a newspaper. The murderer Rafiq Khan was caught by the people red-handed. After giving him a heavy thrashing, they handed him over to the police.

The arrest of Rafiq notwithstanding, the outrage spread among the people as the incident was reported far and wide. They blocked the road in front of the Kho Nagorian police station. A large number of people gathered outside the police station and shouted slogans. During this time, former Bagru MLA Kailash Chandra Verma and other BJP leaders reached the spot.

DCP East Rahul Jain, DCP Kavendra Sagar from the Jaipur commissioner’s office and police officials of three circles, SHOs of six police stations reached the spot in order to control the situation.  As the crowd grew in size, the police took recourse to lathi charge in which the politicians, along with a photojournalist and a member of the family of Rafiq’s victim, sustained injuries. SHO Kho Nagoriyan Virendra Singh was suspended later that night.

According to the information received, in the Shankar Vihar Colony of Kho Nagorian police station area, Mannu Vaishnav (45) worked as a distributor of newspapers. Rafiq, who lives in the area, happened to be one of the many people among whom Mannu distributed newspapers.

Rafiq had not been paying Mannu for the newspapers for a long time. When Mannu asked for Rs 500 that was due from Rafiq in the morning of last Thursday, the latter lost his temper. He picked an axe and attacked Mannu. Mannu, grievously injured by the attack, breathed his last soon.

Rafiq was in no mood to relent after the first blow, but several residents of the who witnessed the crime on the lane of Rafiq’s house rushed to the spot and grabbed the attacker. They beat up Rafiq.

When the police arrived, people handed Rafiq to the cops. Following this, a large number of people reached the police station and blocked the exit. Additional police forces were requisitioned. The men in uniform at the station tried to pacify the crowd. On being persuaded by the police, people retreated from there.

Four mobsters were arrested besides Rafiq. They were released later. “Four detained persons have been released. We will put the demands of the family members of in front of the government,” said Jain. He added that while trying to control the situation, about a dozen people got hurt. He said, “Some people hit the cops and some even tried to punch and slap me. However, nobody amongst us sustained serious injuries as we were wearing helmets. At present, the situation is under control.”

When the information of Verma’s injury was received, Jaipur MP Ram Charan Bohra, Rajya Sabha MP Kirori Lal Meena, former state BJP president Ashok Parnami, former Cabinet minister Arun Chaturvedi and other leaders of the party reached the police station and staged a sit-in for a few hours.

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