Sunday 23 January 2022
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‘Rafale with Meteor more powerful than anything IAF had before’

MBDA, the maker of Meteor missiles, issued the statement before Defence Minister Rajnath Singh left for Paris to procure the first set of Rafale aircraft for the IAF

MBDA, the European company that produces state-of-the-art missiles for Rafale, says that the fighter aircraft that will be given to India will be powerful than anything the IAF has had so far. This will give such strength to the Indian Air Force (IAF), which was never there before, the missile manufacturer said.

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh has left for to receive the French fighter aircraft Rafale. On the occasion of Dussehra, the Indian Air Force will get fighter aircraft, which will strengthen India’s strength even more.

According to MBDA, the made-for-India will have the most sophisticated missiles that will help destroy the enemy. The two missiles India is taking for Rafale are Meteor and Scalp missile. These air-to-air missiles, with beyond visual range striking power, will be fitted into the 36 Rafale aircraft India is procuring as of now through a government-to-government contract with France.

MBDA India head Laika Piedevache said that India would get aircraft with a new capability. This is a that India did not have before, he said. “This will increase the strength of the Indian Air Force,” he said.

The statement of MBDA came before the defence minister had left for Paris to procure Rafale. Dassault Aviation of France is the maker of Rafale.

According to MBDA, aircraft turns into an excellent war machine when all the weapons it is capable of using are installed in it. “It will be very beneficial for India,” Piedvache said.

According to the company, the Meteor missile is known for having the world’s most spectacular beyond visual range capabilities and the scape for the most lethal strike.

Meteor is counted among the next generation’s BVR air-to-air missiles. It is currently with countries like the UK, Germany, Italy, France, Spain and Sweden. can give a befitting reply to an attack by an enemy in any kind of weather conditions.

India is getting the first set of on 8 October. The defence minister will do a shastra puja in France on the occasion of and will also fly in before the formal ceremony of procurement of Rafale by India.

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