Friday 27 May 2022
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Rae Bareli: Congress MLA receives death threat after challenging district council chairman

Alleged goons attacked a group of people carrying a no-confidence resolution against the chairman of the district council in Rae Bareli

Rae Bareli: Protest against the chairman of the Zila Parishad took an ugly turn on Tuesday in UPA chairperson and former Congress president Sonia Gandhi‘s bastion, Rae Bareli. The Congress and general secretary of the local Mahila Congress, Aditi Singh, sustained injuries in the incident.

It all started when a group of people carrying a no-confidence resolution against the chairman of the district council in Rae Bareli were attacked allegedly by goons.

This protest was against Awdesh Pratap Singh, chairman of the district council. The ‘no-confidence motion’ was supposed to be addressed on Tuesday. For this, members of the council were heading towards the panchayat house in Rae Bareli.

The goons attacked the convoy of the members of the district council near the Bachhrava-Lucknow toll plaza. The was so violent that the car of turned turtle. This happened near the Mahaveer Engineering in the Harchanpur area, as the SUV was hit by another vehicle.

Luckily, the emerged from the mêlée with some minor injuries, but one of the DDC members sustained severe injuries from this attack.

One of the members, Rakesh Avasthi, was kidnapped from the location and beaten badly. He was released later by the goons.

Realising the severity of the situation, the administration later sprung into action and initiated an inquiry into the matter. But in between all this, the injured Congress has accused the chairman of threatening her. In her statement, she said that the was part of a plan to kill her.

The goons first hit the car and then fired in the air and threatened the council members of dire consequences. Singh said that her life was in danger.

A case has been registered against MLC Dinesh Pratap Singh, Avdesh Singh and his brother Ganesh Singh along with six unidentified people.

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