Monday 18 October 2021
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Rabi crop growers to get higher MSP, Cabinet decides

The Cabinet has decided to grant a higher MSP for rabi crops recommended by the CACP; it will cost the exchequer an additional Rs 3,000 crore


Before Diwali, the Narendra Modi government has given a big gift to the farmers. The Cabinet on Wednesday decided to give a higher minimum support price (MSP) for rabi crops. According to sources, the MSPs of wheat and bajra have increased by Rs 85 each.

The MSP of wheat has increased from Rs 1,840 to Rs 1,925. With the increase in Bajra’s support price from Rs 1,440 per quintal to Rs 1,525 a quintal, the government will bear the cost of an additional Rs 3,000 crore.

Other decisions taken in the Cabinet meeting will be announced at a press conference at 4 PM today.

Crops in India that are grown between October and March are called rabi crops. They are known also as winter crops. is the time of retreating monsoon when seeds are sown. Rabi crops are harvested in the months of and April. Crops require less for irrigation during this season.

The term “rabi” is borrowed from the Arabic word for “spring“, which is used in the Indian subcontinent, where it is the spring harvest. The other crops are kharif crops, which are grown after the rabi and zaid crops are harvested one after the other respectively.

The MSP for mustard has risen from Rs 4,200 per quintal to Rs 4,425 a quintal.

The MSP of lentils has increased from Rs 4,400 a quintal to Rs 4,800 a quintal.

Safflower’s MSP has increased from Rs 4,945 a quintal to Rs 5,215 a quintal.

The MSP for gram has been increased from Rs 4,620 a quintal to Rs 4,875 a quintal.

These hikes in the MSP for different rabi crops follows the recommendations of the Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices (CACP). The Modi Cabinet might have wholly implemented the recommendations of the CACP or made some modifications, which will be known at 4 PM. Sources said that the announcement in MSP had been delayed due to the Assembly elections in and Maharashtra, which took place on Monday, along with the by-elections for several seats across the country.

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