PWD directs officials to ensure compliance of road safety

Delhi: In order to ensure safety at its 1260 km roads,the Public Works Department (PWD) of the Delhi government has directed its officials to ensure compliance of road safety norms, including proper installation of signages, and surfacing of streets.The move is intended to ensure that there is no accident on its roads due to lack of safety norms. 

The direction was issued at a recently-held meeting chaired by the PWD’s Engineer-in-Chief, Sarvagya Srivastava, to review the works of the department, .

“In the meeting, it was directed that all the field staff must ensure that road surfaces and road safety measures on PWD roads are proper and not liable for any accident,” the minutes of the meeting stated.

The Delhi-based Institute of Road Traffic Education in a study on the 14 major stretches of the national capital found that faulty signages may actually be behind traffic violations and the resulting accidents.

Thereafter, the PWD had arranged a workshop to sensitise its engineers about proper installation of road signs.

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