Thursday 21 January 2021
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Putin teases US, quotes Qur’an, reacting to drone attack on Saudi oil plant

When asked about the drone attack on Aramco, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Saudi Arabia could take a wise decision like Iran and Turkey to buy its missile system

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Politics World Putin teases US, quotes Qur'an, reacting to drone attack on Saudi oil...

Ankara: The drone attack on the plant of Saudi Arabian company Aramco, the biggest oil company in that country, has shocked the whole world staring at steep inflation in the import price of crude oil. The attack on the Saudi oil company has caused serious damage to the global economy and regional stability. On this occasion, Russian President Vladimir Putin tried to tease the US by proposing to Saudi Arabia to buy weapons from his country.

Putin was speaking during a press conference in the Turkish capital Ankara with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani by his side.

US officials have held Iran responsible for the attack on Saudi Arabia. On the other hand, Turkey is the biggest regional enemy of the Saudi Kingdom. Russia is strengthening its influence in these three countries through the sale of arms.

When Putin was asked questions on the attack on Aramco, he said, “We are ready to help protect Saudi Arabia but they have to make wise decisions, like Iran bought S-300 from us and Erdogan of Turkey also got modern S-400 air defence system. This system is capable of protecting the infrastructure of Saudi Arabia from any kind of attack.”

Iran’s President Hassan Rohani, sitting next to Putin, smiled upon hearing this. Iran has been operating Russian S-300 missiles since 2017. In July, the first batch of S-400 was despatched to Turkey. Ankara’s purchase of S-400 has not gone down well with Washington, DC.

Criticising the Saudi-led war in Yemen, Putin cited the Qur’an. Putin said that every kind of violence is unacceptable except what is prescribed in the Qur’an for the protection of its people.

The Houthi rebels of Iran-backed Yemen have claimed responsibility for the attack on Saudi. A coalition led by Saudi Arabia attacked Yemen in 2015 and has been fighting against the Houthi rebels since then.

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