Sunday 23 January 2022
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Pushpa (Hindi) box office: Allu Arjun on fire even on Day 18

Movie buffs fed up with Hindu-bashing by Bollywood are loving the Telugu paḍipōyindi in Pushpa, which has sailed through objections over a couple of scenes

Pushpa (Hindi) is doing brisk business as though there is no COVID in the air, as if theatres were open across the with no restriction and there are no other films to challenge the dream run either. The Allu Arjun-featuring film is creating history. And movie buffs who were fed up with Hindu-bashing by Bollywood are loving the stuff from the adorable Telugu paḍipōyindi.

Yesterday, Pushpa made Rs 2.75 crore more. Compared to last Friday, when the collections were worth Rs 3.50 crore, this is hardly a drop. Even as a standalone figure, these are very good collections for the third Monday and here we are talking about a dubbed Pushpa, which is already in the superhit zone and could well be aiming for a blockbuster tag if it continues like this for 8-10 more days.

With Rs 65.69 crore collected, Pushpa is just going on and on with no interruption in sight except for the original Telugu version. It is collecting far more than both ’83 and Spider-Man: No Way Home now. The postponement of Jersey, as well as RRR, has further helped its cause.

Going by the present trend, Pushpa (Hindi) is reportedly racing ahead of ’83 (Hindi) in almost all circuits in India while in Mumbai, both the movies are at neck-and-neck. Pushpa (Hindi) is predicted to earn Rs 90 crore net at the end of its theatrical run.

The release of Valimai on 13 January may interrupt the dream run, but till then, it is going to be a home run for Pushpa.

Pushpa is originally a Telugu-language action drama, which has been released in Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada and Hindi. Starring Allu Arjun, Rashmika Mandanna and Fahadh Faasil in the lead, this entertainer is written and directed by Sukumar. The film hit the screens on 17 December.

A section of the audience objected to a romantic sequence from the movie initially. It featured the lead actor touching his love interest’s breasts in a public place. It raised eyebrows as the gesture was not liked by the audience.

The van scene or tiffin scene faced a lot of flak from Allu Arjun’s fans and, following the uproar, the makers decided to delete the controversial sequence. Apart from its popularity, fans are going crazy this Allu Arjun starrer for a special number by Samantha. The song is titled “Oo Solriya” in Tamil and “Oo Antava” in Telugu.

On the Telugu land, however, the Andhra Pradesh government’s strict measures to ensure transparency in the business of cinema is threatening the survival of the film industry in the state. The government announced regulation of ticket prices earlier this year, which forced theatres to appreciably lower their ticket prices. While for multiplexes located in municipal corporation areas, the minimum ticket price was set between Rs 75 and Rs 250, in AC and non-AC theatres the prices range from Rs 20 to Rs 100. In gram panchayat areas, the tickets were set as low as Rs 5.

Note: All collections as per production and distribution sources.

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