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Puppy, the dog that died fighting a cobra to save its owner

People from the hamlets nearby came to console Natarajan, the owner of Puppy, the talk of this village in Thanjavur; some time ago, a Dalmatian called Tyson had saved his owner from a cobra in the Khordha district of Odisha, and got killed in the process

Thanjavur: Tales of a dog‘s loyalty abound in society. Such incidents often occur in daily life, showcasing the sacrifice of a dog for its master. A similar story has emerged from Thanjavur in Tamil Nadu. Here, a farmer suddenly ran into a 5 ft long cobra. Before Natarajan could do anything, his pet dog Puppy pounced on the snake and saved the master’s life.

Natarajan, living in Thanjavur, had this dog Puppy. It went into the fields along with Natarajan. On the fateful day when Natarajan was working in his garden, a 5 ft long cobra emerged from the bushes. The sight of the snake petrified Natarajan. For a moment, he did not know what to do.

His owner hesitated, Puppy didn’t

While the snake approached him, Natarajan, an ecologically sensitive farmer who respects wildlife, wondered whether he should hit the snake. Puppy was, however, not suffering from a dilemma.

A dangerous fight broke out between the snake and the dog. Meanwhile, Natarajan ran towards his home to fetch a stick. By then, the snake-dog fight had turned fierce. Eventually, the dog took down the snake by its hood and killed it.

When Natarajan came out of the house, he saw the snake dead. The body of his dog Puppy had, however, swollen too. Figuring out what must have transpired, Natarajan embraced his dog. But in a few minutes, Puppy’s condition deteriorated. It died in a while. It had been bitten by the cobra in the deadly encounter that had finished a while ago.

Natarajan cried inconsolably. He said but for the dog, he could have lost his life.

The story spread across the village soon and people from the hamlets nearby came to console the dog owner. The story of Puppy is the talk of this village in Thanjavur these days.

Man’s encounter with deadly snakes is commonplace in rural India. Watch this report of Thanthi TV:

Tyson had a similar story to tell

In March 2019, a similar incident was reported from the Khordha district of Odisha. Aman Sharif lives with his parents, uncle-aunt and grandmother in the small town of Jatni in Khordha district. Last Monday at two o’clock at night, he heard the sound of his Dalmatian dog Tyson barking. When Sharif got up and looked for the cause of the fuss, he saw a cobra and Tyson facing each other.

Sharif then witnessed Tyson killing the snake at some distance from the main door of his house. After killing the snake, Tyson collapsed in some time too. Tyson died shortly thereafter.

Sharif said he saw Tyson’s tail and face bearing marks of snake bites.

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