Monday 17 January 2022
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Punjab Police misplaces or loses FIR on Kapurthala lynching

The Punjab government and the state police stand exposed in the case of mob of a youth on the charge of sacrilege in Kapurthala as IG Gurinder Singh Dhillon and SSP HPS Khakh’s press conference turned into a PR disaster. The senior cops of Punjab Police said that a case has been registered against the murderers.

The Punjab Police cops even shared the FIR number. It said that the names of four people are mentioned in the FIR while 100 are unknown assailants.

During the press conference, eight calls were received in 45 min. Out of these, five were received by the IG and three were received by the SSP. After this, they denied Punjab Police had ever registered an FIR against the mob that lynched a man on a road in District Kapurthala.

Kapurthala SSP HPS Khakh said that a witness running the camp in Nizampur Mor had given statements that the victim had come with the intention of stealing. He tried to desicrate the Nishan Sahib-imprinted cloth. A case had been registered in this matter, the police said, sharing FIR under Section 305 with the press.

The second FIR under Section 306 is registered for the murder or but the focus in this one is on causing obstruction to not let the police perform their duty and on the alleged attempt to kill the policemen. “We are checking social media. The people were instigated by social media users.

The IG said that the case had been registered on the statement of the SHO. The victim seems to be a laborer. He was beaten mercilessly while onlookers and the attackers alike shot videos of the torture. The video went viral, inciting the mob that took its shape on a road They killed the alleged sacrilegious man, leaving no direct evidence of his murder.

When the police reached the spot, the mob attacked the cops too.. The police kept pacifying the people, but they intentionally shared the message to gather people.

The IG did not reveal the names in the FIR under the pretext that the case was sensitive.

Finally, the IG took a U-turn that FIR under Section 306 had not been registered yet. Only a case under Section 305 had been registered, he claimed.

Punjab Police clarified there was no case under Section 302 the try the mobsters on the charge of murder. “The accused have not been identified yet.

Earlier, the Kapurthala SSP Khakh had said that the victim had come with the intention of stealing. “He did not commit any sacrilege. The mob murdered him,” Khakh had said, adding that Punjab Police was registering a case of murder for the Kapurthala incident.

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