Wednesday 26 January 2022
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Punjab Congress can’t tolerate Sidhu anymore

Former Punjab Congress chief Sunil Jakhar, among others, has been posting cryptic tweets subtly taunting the present as well as past regimes

Members of Punjab Congress have begun openly disapproving Navjot Singh Sidhu’s constant rants against the Charanjit Singh Channi government, with some of the politicians saying that the cricketer-turned-politician has been crossing the ‘limit’ again and again.

As the state assembly is just a few months away, they say Punjab Congress chief Sidhu’s social digs against his own party’s government are not only denting the party image but also hindering its electoral prospects.

Commenting on AAP-leaning Sidhu’s threat to go on a hunger if the Channi government does not release reports on the drug menace and 2015 sacrilege cases, INC MLA Kulbir Singh Zira said, “The issues that are being raised by Sidhu might be correct but there is a party platform for that. He is the (state unit) president of the party and he can raise it directly with the Chief Minister rather than choosing a public platform.”

Echoing Zira, another party MLA, Barindermeet Singh Pahara, said, “Every concern raised by Sidhu has been addressed because the Congress as a party wants to address the people’s concern too. But choosing to raise every grievance on a public platform does not augur well for the image of the party.”

Former Punjab Congress chief Sunil Jakhar has been posting cryptic with subtle digs at both the present and past regimes too. In a tweet today, Jakhar shared a video of Sidhu’s press conference and took a veiled dig at the eccentric politician for pointing fingers rather than owning blame.

Sources in the INC said some leaders were even contemplating raising the issue with the party high command. The man in charge of the organisation, Harish Chaudhary denied any rumblings within Punjab Congress ranks, though.

Sidhu’s latest attack on the Channi government came yesterday when he threatened to go on a hunger if the administration did not release investigation reports on drug abuse in the state and the 2015 sacrilege cases.

“If this report is not made public, then it should be answered that why the previous chief minister was sleeping for four and a half years, it should be found out why the home minister kept sleeping,’” Sidhu said.

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