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Punjab college admits Bihari, Kashmiri students clashed over India-Pak match, falsifies social media users’ claims

It is true Kashmiri students in the Punjab college celebrated the Pakistani team's win against Team BCCI but nobody was rusticated as a result, say BGIET authorities

The Punjab Bhai Gurdas Institute of Engineering and Technology (BGIET) has not rusticated students from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar who had allegedly roughed up the Kashmiri students for the latter’s show of support to Pakistan on its win against Team BCCI at the T20 World Cup match on 24 October, according to OpIndia. This follows social media posts carrying a video where a Kashmiri student is heard claiming that the authorities had taken action against the students of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.

The scuffle followed the act of some Kashmiri students in the Punjab of celebrating and cheering for Pakistan after the BCCI team lost to their archrivals in the match referred to above.

The authorities told the aforementioned website that the video of students cheering the Pakistani team was not of students of the BGIET. While a scuffle did break out between the students from Kashmir and those from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar at about 11:30 PM on 24 October, OpIndia claims the told it that any student suspended had nothing to do with this incident.

A Kashmiri student shared the video widely being cited on social media platforms that alleges the students from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar barged into the room where Kashmiri students stay. He alleged, “We were watching the match here, and some students from Uttar Pradesh forcibly came inside and hit us.”

In the video, the student alleges that their rooms were vandalised. He shows the condition of two of the rooms.

Once the match was finished, the Kashmiri Muslims allegedly burst firecrackers and celebrated Pakistan’s win, which incensed students from other states. The argument between the students led to the scuffle.

Somebody informed the police about the incident. The cops reached the to control the situation.

quoted Inspector General of Police Patiala (Range), MS Chinna, as saying that the students from Kashmir on one side and from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar on the other had a fight. “Both sides have apologised and have given in writing that they will not indulge in such activities in the future and will concentrate on their studies. Thus the matter has been amicably settled.”

Police said around 25-30 students from both groups landed in a scuffle over the alleged cheering for the Pakistani team by Kashmiri students. A senior Police officer, however, denied the reports that suggested ‘Azadi’ or anti-India slogans were raised.

Guninderjit Singh, director of Bhai Gurdas Institute of Engineering and Technology, told the ToI that the institute has set up a five-member committee including the dean, students welfare, dean, affairs and others to investigate the incident. If anyone was found guilty, the institute might take action. He added, “The minor spat and heated arguments took place between the students of Kashmir and those from UP and Bihar, but some provoking videos making rounds over social media do not belong to the incident at our college.” He said the reports of students getting injured were false.

OpIndia says it reached out to Sangrur SSP Swapan Sharma who said that there was a minor scuffle between the two groups that has been resolved. When asked if any action was taken, Sharma said, “They are students. It was a minor scuffle between them. We advised them to concentrate on their studies rather than indulging in such activities. There was no need of any police action.”

BGIET denies rustication of UP/Bihar students

On Monday, some social media posts had claimed that BGIET had rusticated the students from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, who confronted the Kashmiri students. The posts were based on a video in which a student Kamil Rashid from BGIET alleged that the students from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar were fined and rusticated.

Associate Professor Pranjal Shukla said that there was a minor scuffle between the students, which was resolved quickly. When asked about the social media reports, he said, “The social media reports are false. No student got rusticated. We are not going to take any such action. They are our children. Nothing will happen to the students from UP and Bihar. We have no plans to take any action against any student.”

UAPA invoked against students who cheered for Pakistan in Kashmir

Meanwhile, students in Kashmir’s Srinagar colleges who celebrated Pakistan’s victory against India in T20 World Cup on Sunday have been booked under the UAPA (Unlawful Activities Prevention Act) and other relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code.

Two separate cases have been registered for as many incidents, one at the hostel of SKIMS hospital in Soura and another at the hostel in Government Medical in Karan Nagar, Srinagar.


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