Tuesday 28 June 2022
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Puncturewala to motorcycle showroom owner: Story of Islam Khan

Police in Bareilly began monitoring Islam Khan's activities after finding a direct involvement of the puncturewala in drug smuggling, the ASP told reporters

Khan, a man who never went to school and used to repair flat tyres to make ends meet all his life until early 2021, was found to have amassed wealth and property worth Rs 7.15 crore in the past year by allegedly smuggling contraband substances to parts of north India from his hometown Bareilly. Police said that Islam, known as “puncturewala” by his neighbours, had bought properties in the name of his three sons and wife. District administration and police have seized the properties and him under the Gangster Act. Also, a bike showroom that he allegedly owned has been recently bulldozed by local authorities, police said, according to a news report in The Times of India.

Puncturewala failed to explain source of income

Sharing the details of the case with reporters, Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Rajkumar Agarwal said that the police began monitoring Islam’s activities after finding a direct involvement of the puncturewala in drug smuggling. He is in his early 50s and worked at a small repair shop, the officer said. “We have caught him red-handed in the act of drug smuggling and sent him to jail,” Agarwal said.

The ASP continued, “We used his Aadhaar card to get his PAN details. What we found out is quite interesting as and his family’s Income Tax returns reflected a hefty amount, all amassed very recently.” He added that “it was found that he had built a multi-storey building on a highway and opened a showroom.” “When asked to provide the source of his recent income, he failed,” the ASP said.

In 2021, police in Bareilly had incidentally caught members of the notorious Taimur Khan and Shaheed Khan gangs and seized properties worth around Rs 60 crore. However, despite the crackdown, narcotics smuggling continued unabated in Bareilly and its neighbouring areas.

Following the probe, police found the Bareilly neighbourhood’s puncturewala Khan is a distant relative of Taimur and Shaheed — to be a “key member” of the local drug racket.

“We are now trying to trace Shaan, a wanted smuggler, who is hiding in Delhi. We have almost busted their entire network that was active in smuggling drugs from to Delhi, Uttarakhand and Punjab via Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh’s Bareilly,” the ASP added.

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