Saturday 28 May 2022
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Protest Politics, Economics & Lesson From Mahabharata

CAA in India or Floyd in the US, a protest is always orchestrated to topple a government; follow the slaying of Karna for a befitting response


Rajarshi Nandy
Rajarshi Nandy
He is a practising spiritualist, eternal pilgrim and, by profession, a technical writer. He does not belong or subscribe to a particular sect of Hinduism; he is open to the idea of exploring all of them.

There is nothing called a spontaneous protest or riot in the world ― certainly not today’s world. Romantic idea but that is not how things work. There is money, and organisation involved in creating unrest and then many ordinary folks with some sympathy for the cause get sucked in. But without money, no protest would occur. The original cause is irrelevant. Every cause, howsoever genuine, is usurped by a well-entrenched network, and well funded too, which have a global presence, weaponised for their political agenda.

Exactly the same happened in India during the anti-CAA protests, and this was additionally using false misinformation campaign against a genuine bill. One report had said the daily bill for a garthering in Shaheen Bagh was close to a few lakh of rupees per day. Where does that money come from? Same sources which are currently busy doing the ‘Black Lives Matter’ protests. What do they want? To topple governments ― same as what they wanted in India.

The original trigger is irrelevant. They remain well prepared for such occassions because they are constanty in a state of preparedness for war; that is their mentality. Unlike unsuspecting ordinary people. The far-left is the greatest divisive force active in the current world. They are globalists unlike the right-wing, which is local because every RW element has its own distinct culture and perspective. That is not the case with the Left.

Understanding this is important because ignorance gets one killed in the war of misinformation and causes incalculable damage. I recall the dialogue that Krshna had when Karna reminded Arjuna not to kill him because it is unetheical to do so for a kshatriya ― and Krshna starts his comment sarcastically (liberally paraphrased), “Where was your dharma when Abhimanyu was killed?” And then the master speaker that He was, He convinced Arjuna: “Kill that man right now. Show no mercy.” Essentially, the whole Mahabharata says one thing ― when your opponent is unethical, you are no longer required to follow ethics.

This one lesson was ignored by Prthiviraj Chauhan, and see where it got him! This, in fact, is the true Dharma of conflict in this age. When the opponent is unthetical, you must resort to similar tactics to break him. You are no longer required to be truthful and honest and humane. This is the Dharma of this Age and whosever followed it automatically becomes superior. Those who are still stuck at the dharma of an era long gone ― the era of Rama ― will always remain as vain lamenters as we have become. Vishnu changes his avataras because the age itself changes.

So, when the opponent is a cunning political force, well-structured and well funded, who will use every occassion justified or not to further his agenda and you refuse to see it or let it influence your reaction, then you are sending the signal to Nature that you don’t want to survive in the long run and Nature will happily oblige.

I am asked why I supported Trump’s victory. Simply because he may be despicable as an individual, but he does things without a leftist baggage and these actions in the final count end up helping India as a Nation. Obama and other politically correct speakers have been all bogus and they have hurt India far more. Same principle for judging a man too ― do not bother what he says, observe what he does. Is it useful for you or not? End of story. Trump has been the best US president for India in a long time and this is a fact. None of Article 370, Ayodhya Mandir verdict, etc would have gone with so little official interference from the US government ― had anyone else occupied that office. So I stand completely vindicated when I had said before the Trump that he was the best guy for India. He has proved himself. He may not have consciously done it, but so what? It has still helped.

For politics, be more cunning than your opponents. For saintliness, go to the Himalayas. Don’t misapply the of the first type with the second ― we then go down the Prithiviraj way to generations of darkness.



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