Proof of tracking chip in Rs 2,000 note?


New Delhi: While the government has denied that there is a tracking chip inside the new Rs 2,000 notes, सिर्फ़ News has received this video where a person, only the hands of whom are caught in the frame, is seen extracting a substance — harder than the paper with which the currency note is made — from a note. Is that a GPS-enabled chip?

If yes, the government will try its best to keep denying the truth to prevent a furore among citizens concerned about their privacy. If no, the explanation should be convincing. For one, why are only such people getting caught by law whose unaccounted cash includes the new Rs 2,000 notes in them? Let our viewers decide that.

Editor’s note

Destroying a currency note (legal tender) is a punishable offence. सिर्फ़ News does not approve of the action of the person seen in the video above. There is a jerk in the video after 1 min 20 s, which may be indicative of the fact that the recording was disrupted to add the effect.