Friday 27 May 2022
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What prompted Mamata’s threat to resign, BJP wants to know

Kolkata: “I have not come to power by the grace of the governor. People’s will has given me power,” thundered Mamata Banerjee today after a delegation of the Rashtriya Sangh (RSS) and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) met with West Bengal Governor Kesari Nath Tripathi and complained of police inaction and/or partiality in favour of one of the two communities involved in the Basirhat riots of the past three days. Apparently, the governor sought from the chief minister of the State an answer, following which Banerjee threatened to resign.

Addressing a group of reporters, the chief minister wondered how a Facebook could lead to this grievous situation. She said she would not like to politicise the matter, but targeted the BJP right after that.

Banerjee wondered what provoked a bunch of people to set police vehicles on fire. Refuting the allegation of police inaction, she said her police force wasn’t trigger-happy and that it was not advisable to fire at the people on the pretext of provocation. “If the police had opened fire, at least 100 people would have got killed,” the chief minister said, adding that trying to pacify the mobs should be the duty of every citizen now.

Reacting to Banerjee’s address to the press, BJP’s Jaiprakash Majumdar alleged that the police were targeting Hindus in particular. He claimed that the riots in Basirhat and adjoining areas of North 24 Parganas were 10 times more dangerous than what had happened in Dhulagarh a few months ago. “If it is beyond the police, why aren’t the paramilitary forces being deployed?” the BJP leader wanted to know. This was the explanation sought by his party during their meeting with the governor, Majumdar clarified.

If the governor had sought an explanation from the chief minister following the meeting above, how is it a breach of any law, rule, convention or protocol, asked the BJP leader.

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