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Priyanka betrays Rahul streak with joke, wild allegation

At a rally in Mirzapur, Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi-Vadra said Amitabh Bachchan would be a better prime minister than Narendra Modi whose government was taking back from farmers the Rs 2,000 each that was transferred to them under PM-KISAN

Mirzapur: Barely two weeks after the embarrassment of challenging Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Varanasi and then not getting the support of the Congress for it, party general secretary Priyanka Gandhi-Vadra has made a gaffe of the kind her brother and Congress president Rahul Gandhi is popularly associated with.

Joke by Priyanka

Gandhi-Vadra said the prime minister was an abhineta (actor) rather than a neta (leader). If a politician of the opposition is entitled to such criticism of the head of the government, what she followed this with was at best frivolous. She said megastar Amitabh Bachchan would be a better prime minister.

On the last day of campaigning for the Lok Sabha election, Gandhi-Vadra attacked the BJP and Prime Minister Modi, saying, “Modi ji, a leader is not supposed to be an actor.” Turning to the people, she said, “Now you understand you have made the world’s biggest actor your prime minister. It would have been better if you had made Amitabh Bachchan the PM; neither would work for you anyway.”

Om Prakash Rajbhar’s supporters were seen participating in Gandhi-Vadra’s rally, wielding their own party flag.

Gandhi-Vadra was campaigning here for Mirzapur Congress candidate Lalitesh Pati Tripathi.

An impossible allegation

Gandhi-Vadra said, “If Modi becomes the prime minister again, you will be shown another film for five years. So, decide whom to vote. Leaders who work on the ground or fly in the air. Modi makes new stories in every election. The first story was that Rs 15 lakh would go into everyone’s account, but since that did not happen, he made a new story. This time, he is talking of farmers with his ‘Kisan Samman’ scheme.”

The Congress general secretary, targeting Modi, said, “This is not a samman (honour) for the farmer, it’s a farmer’s apmaan (insult) scheme.”

Explaining the scheme, Gandhi-Vadra concocted an impossible story. She alleged that the government was taking back from the farmers the Rs 2,000 each that had been transferred to their accounts!

Somewhat incoherently to this allegation, Gandhi-Vadra added if a farmer had 10 members in his family, the prime minister’s scheme would translate to Re 1 for every member of the family.

Priyanka mimics PM Modi

At the rally, Gandhi-Vadra tried to imitate Prime Minister Modi’s voice while saying, “Yesterday, he had come to Mirzapur and said that dreaming is not a bad thing. But showing false dreams is very bad.”

“We are fighting this election to save democracy,” Gandhi-Vadra said, adding that every citizen should definitely vote for it. Priyanka led a roadshow before the rally.

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