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Prime minister blames ‘old approach’ for auto industry’s struggle

Rapid changes in technology, lifestyle and economy warranted a change in the 'old approaches and old practices', the prime minister told SIAM


Responding to the criticism by the automobile industry at SIAM yesterday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today wrote to the event organisers that rapid changes in technology, lifestyle and economy warranted the auto to change “old approaches and old practices”. In a letter addressed to SIAM President and Maruti Suzuki Managing Director & CEO Kenichi Ayukawa on the occasion of the 61 SIAM Annual Convention, the prime minister said that these rapid changes warrant old approaches and old practices to change.

“It is also crucial to protect our environment, resources and raw materials. For this reason, India is not only emphasising on exploring new possibilities, but also encouraging a circular economy.”

“Recently launched National Automobile Scrappage Policy exemplifies this vision.” The prime minister said that ’21 century’ India remained firmly committed to moving forward with the goal of clean and modem mobility.

“Holistic steps are being taken for the value chain associated with auto manufacturing so that the becomes more productive and sustainable,” the prime minister further said. He said that all stakeholders had an important role in his government’s steadfast efforts to transform India into a global manufacturing hub.

“Presence of manufacturing units of global automobile manufacturers in India is reflective of a thriving ecosystem.” Besides, he pointed out that India celebrates the 75 years of Independence, the “next 25 years are very important for the country”.

“We have to work together for next-generation infrastructure, world-class manufacturing and new-age technology. India is committed to providing its citizens with global standards in terms of quality and safety.” Furthermore, the prime minister lauded the role of the automobile in India’s economy and progress.

“From contributing significantly towards manufacturing to furthering exports, from creating numerous employment opportunities to adding to the ease of living for people, the sector has been a partner in India’s growth story,” the letter quoted the prime minister as saying.

“Even during the nation’s fight against Covid-19, the sensitive and active effort of the sector is deeply valued,” Prime Minister Modi added.


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