To have an informed view of caste in today’s political climate is to walk on a razor’s edge. On one side, you have the devil of shameless caste supremacy and on the other, the deep sea of manufactured victimisation. While the former is cloaked in some kind of retarded rationalisation, the latter is a billion dollar industry.

When Ramnath Kovind (with his wife) visited the Jagannath temple at Puri in March, he was allowed inside the garbhagriha (the innermost sacred zone) by making an exception to the protocol just because he is the first citizen of the country. Following the principle of taking a yard when given an inch, he thought he might as well go on and touch the ratnasinghasana. The priest on duty rightly stopped him. Why?

Because other than the temple priests, only two people from the outside world are allowed to touch the singhasana ― Gajapati Maharaja and the king of Nepal, the former on account of being the adhyasevak of Lord Jagannath and the latter because of being a ritually consecrated Hindu Monarch who gained that right in the past. Anyone else, whatever their caste has no business to be inside the garbhagriha, let alone touch anything there. The priests of the Temple may have a thousand faults like arrogance and haughtiness but this business of maintaining the sanctity of the Temple is a job they must take seriously. And looks like they have.

It is interesting that whenever the Lord gets down from his seat inside the temple for his annual rathayatra, his worship is conducted by daitapatis, a scheduled tribe and anyone can touch the lord – caste, class and status no bar. But when have facts been useful to bleeding heart liberals looking to outrage about complexities their tiny brains are not designed to process.

Kovind visited the temple in March. It took three months for the high priests of India’s intelligentsia to wake up to this atrocity on the most privileged man in the country.

In other news, the next hearing of an important matter in Supreme Court is scheduled on 5 July. The case concerns the alleged mismanagement of the Jagannath Temple by the sevaks. Now, where have we heard this before? Hindus need help in counting the donations made to the temple. Apparently, the government is in the mood to help.

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