Preity Zinta: Rahul respects women; controversy unfortunate

Actress and co-owner of KXIP Preity Zinta said, 'The way things were presented, I feel bad, but you learn from these things in life.'


New Delhi: Actress and co-owner of IPL franchise Kings XI Punjab has extended her moral support to beleaguered player KL Rahul. He had hit the hornet’s nest with his appearance in a TV show ‘Koffee vs Karan’.

Rahul and his fellow player have to appear before the BCCI Lokpal in this case. Earlier, both of them had to face temporary suspension from Team India due to intemperate remarks on women made on the Karan Johar show.

The fiery persona off-screen who is in the capital said on Friday that Indian batsman Rahul had a lot of respect for women. She said it was sad that during the course of a television talk show, due to objectionable comments by his buddy Pandya, he had to face a lot of flak.

Both Rahul and Pandya were suspended temporarily due to a comment by Pandya where he bragged about sleeping around with women at will. While Rahul did not add to what Pandya said, his smiles and silence were construed as his approval to whatever his colleague in Team India was saying.

Even though the Committee of Administrators were ready to take a lenient view of the ‘subaltern’ guy Pandya and forgive Rahul, Diana Edulji put her foot down.

The suspension of both the players was lifted but they still have to face the inquiry of the BCCI being conducted by Lokpal DK Jain.

Preity herself has participated in Karan’s program. Zinta said, “It was nice to see that Rahul has returned to form again. He is a very good boy. Whatever has happened is the last thing. The way things were presented, I feel bad, but you learn from these things in life.”

Preity said, “Actually, he is a very good boy. He respects women very much. So, I don’t know how all this happened. As I said before, these things teach you.”

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