Sunday 17 October 2021
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Predator drone deal with US on PM Modi’s wishlist

With the US administration's approval for an Indian acquisition of the Predator, the Indian Navy may bring up the proposal before the DAC


In the backdrop of India acquiring 30 Predator drones from US for muscling up over the horizon military capability, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is meeting the head of the armed drone manufacturer General Atomics along with four other top US companies’ CEOs in Washington on 23 September.

According to sources in Washington, Modi will be meeting all the four CEOs one by one, as each company they are heading is a leader in his field. The heads of General Atomics, semi-conductor major Qualcomm, global investment company BlackRock Inc, non-conventional energy leader First Solar and American leading company in software Adobe.

Apple CEO Tim Cook dropped out at the last moment due to health reasons as Covid-19 numbers are climbing in the US.

Prime Minister Modi has evidently planned the meetings with CEOs with the specific intention of making India a key part of a global resilient chain, a military power that matches over-the-horizon capabilities in the Indo-Pacific and speeds up the fulfilling of non-conventional energy needs to go beyond the climate change commitments for climate justice.

While all the companies are global leaders in their own right, the meeting with the General Atomics head acquires significance as the Indian Navy is already operating two Predator MQ-9 unmanned aerial vehicles for building maritime domain from the of Aden to Lombok Straits in Indonesia.

With the Indian Navy as the lead player, India has plans to acquire 30 Predator armed UAVs with each service getting 10 each for muscling its stand-off capabilities. The Predator can be armed with seven Hell-Fire air to surface missiles (ASMs) or laser-guided bombs. The UAV operates at a ceiling of 50,000 feet and has an endurance of nearly 27 hours. It is a multi-mission aircraft with multi-mode radar for intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and targeting.

It is important for India to acquire armed drones as its own indigenous capability is limited with both Beijing and Islamabad operating Chinese made armed drones. is also eyeing to acquire armed drones for Turkey, which now is a self-appointed leader of the Sunni world and wants to bring back the orthodox legacy of the bygone Ottoman Empire. The Turkish drones were used to good effect in the -Armenian conflict with Pakistani mercenaries operating against Armenia.

With the Biden administration giving a green signal for India to acquire the Predator drone, it is only a matter of time that the Indian Navy brings up the proposal before the Defence Acquisition Committee (DAC) for the process to take off.

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