Tuesday 28 June 2022
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Prasar Bharati CEO blasts Sardesai

Jawhar Sircar does not take to the journalist’s barbs kindly, slams him on Facebook.

Sircar's post on Facebook
Sircar’s post on Facebook

We quote the CEO verbatim:

For quite some time ever since DD (Doordarshan) and AIR (All India Radio) has improved a bit, I find furious agitation in the media because we were taken as dead and gone.

Recently, for instance, I was disappointed to see Rajdeep (Sardesai) swirling a bit too heady. Not good for heath: after all, he’s my respected senior, Bhaskar Ghose’s jamai. I had to tell him and other well-off media friends that the passionate of India’s plurality is not a monopoly of some media crusaders. They have made it big and have acquired the comfort of the solvency of several crores, even if its done correctly via the non-farm-house route.

Good for them, but one cannot bracket all in DD or Prasar Bharati or as inefficient cartoons. That would include Rajdeep’s father in law as well.
There other poor souls like us who have led a straight but bold life in government and remain very much a part of the struggling middle class. We have no such financial security, but still fight every day against powerful forces, for our non-negotiable values. We may not succeed all the time, but we don’t flaunt our so called ideology around.

Why don’t some big mouths, fat wallets and starry statuses in the media take up my job in Prasar Bharati at Rs 59,000 per month, a car and a flat ? Instead of running after multiples of crores?

Try managing 30,000 government employees with unions and sarkari work culture, along with some 20,000 other casual hands ? After all, we have thousands of installations to manage and be responsible for, not one fancy studio.

Try catering to the politics of aggression every day as well as corruption, internal opposition and sabotage?

Try handling some scurrilous rags that defame you morning and evening, instead of lecturing the world about what’s wrong with it and giving quotable for banner headlines?

Try it and maybe some would acquire a much-needed virtue of humility. They may then appreciate the other’s plight, for pursuing the mistaken ideals, like serving the nation for a pittance compared to media heads or corporate czars.

I refuse to be target practice for their arrows, for the sins of other crafty babus who are wrecking the country. I have said and written about, and fought against these mafia, when many of these whiz kids were in school.

These nefarious babus do so in broad daylight, irrespective of which political party is in power: they can suck up to any. And they are richer than Rajdeeps!

So, please try to earn your living in the media by exposing these rotten elements in government as stay away from the fury of the upright.

At a recent book launch event, Sardesai had inter alia taken potshots at the state broadcaster while talking about the challenges faced by the news-and-views media industry. Sircar, present at the event, had taken exception to the observations there as well.

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  1. Wow, great to see an honest non hypocritical post. It’s very tough to an honest beauracat anywhere, especially in India. So glad Mr Sircar is speaking his mind. Lot of respect. Also his office responds to all tweets marked to him. Another unusual trait

  2. Good to see there is such talent in Prasar bharti also. People yearn for truthful Media and private Media is all sold out.. So if Prasar bharti can retain the balance between truthful media house and Govt mouthpiece , it could be a hit again as there is no competition at all for Upright Media house right now..

  3. The likes of SagaRaj may live in the crumbs of luxury thrown at them by a condescending political class, but they live in blissful ignorance of the disgust and contempt in which the country holds mercenaries like them. In contrast it is men like Sircar who save the day for the bureaucrats, pummeled as they are for being clones of SagaRaj, and when Rajdeep talks of the challenges of what is now known as MSM, one can only laugh with derision. A perfect example of the devil quoting the scriptures. If I were Rajdeep, I would not even try playing the honest journo, if I didn’t want my audience to choke on their laughter!

  4. There is a big vacuum of good news channel in India. People are sick of these biased, negative, loud news channels. People have no better choice or option. DD can fill the vacuum. As the CEO of Prasar Bharati said, it is not easy; but it takes one good leader to clean the dirt & establish as a new channel of choice. Wish Mr Sarcar the very best sincerely.

  5. Prasar Bharati CEO gets 59,000 ? how much do journalists get ? 15000 ? India should remember, if you pay peanuts you get monkeys. Govt is incapable of giving good salary to required function of govts like policemen, fire extinguishers etc. Yet Govt of India thinks they can run complex organizations like railways, media, banks etc. A constable in a metro city like Mumbai gets 14K per month ? how can constable be motivated to work with such a pathetic salary. It is time for govt to move out of media, banks, railways etc and let private companies operate in such a scenario.

    By the way, sircar himself says.

    “Try managing 30,000 government employees with unions and sarkari work culture, along with some 20,000 other casual hands ?Try managing 30,000 government employees with unions and sarkari work culture, along with some 20,000 other casual hands ?”

    people in India due to entrenched socialism and mai baap feudalism, have forgotten that there is no right to a job. A job is present to produce value to either consumers or shareholders.

    No wonder most Indians(uneducated, illiterate, educated etc) want to emigrate or work in MNCs. I am sure even janitors in MNC’s make more than journalists in Prasar Bharati.

  6. I find Prasar bharti discussions far more informative and less hysterical than the other news channels. I hope PB will gain in popularity. I have removed some private channels from my to watch list.

  7. Rajeev Sardesai does not matter any more, I usually mark those who refer to his statements decorated with various antics, to prove a point against someone. These are the future crooks in the making.

  8. well said, Sircar Sir. you are one of a breed that is fast vanishing…. god bless you, we need you more than than a hundred cheapskates like Sardesai how are so easily purchased by one anti national element after another. god give you long life and us the chance to hear you and read you and try and emulate your fearless values.

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