Monday 18 January 2021
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Pope slaps woman’s hand; video goes viral

The woman looked like trying to tell Pope Francis something by pulling him towards her, which annoyed the pontiff who slapped her hand

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Politics World Pope slaps woman's hand; video goes viral

Pope Francis lost his sense of discretion at St Peters Square in Vatican City on New Year’s Eve when a woman grabbed his hand and tried to pull him. Angered by the woman’s act, the pope slapped on the woman’s hand. Pope Francis apologised for his action after a while, but some damage had been done.

On New Year’s Eve, Pope Francis was congratulating people on Tuesday at St Peters Square, holding the hands of children, women and men present there. While greeting the people and returning, a woman from the crowd suddenly grabbed his hand and pulled it towards her, trying what seemed like trying to deliver a personal message. The woman in the video looked like wanting to talk to the pontiff.

Pope Francis was angered by the woman pulling him. He tried to free his hand from her, but he couldn’t. Then he slapped the woman on her right palm.

The incident was captured in a video. However, it is not clear from the video footage of the incident what the pope and the woman said.

However, after the public prayer on the New Year, His Holiness admitted that he had lost patience. He said, “I apologise to you for the bad example of yesterday.”

Earlier in September, the Vicar of Christ had made news headlines for another wrong reason. He was caught in an elevator in Vatican City on 1 September, due to which he was late for his weekly address. The pope remained stranded in the elevator for about 25 minutes.

The fire brigade reached the spot and rescued him. He apologised when he reached the prayer late. The Guardian reported then, “Apparently referring to electric power, Francis said a ‘drop in tension’ caused the problem. He said he was rescued by Holy See firefighters and asked the people in the square to applaud them.”

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