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Poonam Joshi, Indian who stood up against anti-India crowd

Poonam Joshi confronted the protestors and snatched the tricolor from them. She recovered two shreds of the tricolour from the pro-Khalistan demonstrators

New Delhi: Poonam Joshi, a journalist, could perhaps be blamed by none if she just stood there, doing her job: reporting. But she decided to stand up and be counted as a proud Indian.

The tricolour was fluttering, hoisted at the Indian High Commission in London when the entire country was celebrating 73 years of independence on 15 August. However, given the mess the United Kingdom has become now with its ‘tolerant’, pro-immigration policy, there were protests by supporters of Pakistan and Khalistan here.

The anti-India crowd to recourse to hooliganism when the passers-by we’re not taking note of their sloganeering. Finally, they went for the Indian National Flag. Outside the Indian High Commission in London, the Pakistani and Khalistani mob took out a tricolour and tried to desecrate it.

Just then Poonam Joshi, an Indian journalist present there, confronted these protesters alone and snatched the flag from them.

A video of a part of the incident has been posted on Twitter. The message with it says when journalist Poonam Joshi went outside the Indian High Commission in London to cover the Independence Day celebrations, she saw there were pro-Pakistan and pro-Khalistan protests underway.

Poonam Joshi confronted them and snatched the tricolour from them. She recovered two shreds of the Indian National Flag from Khalistan supporters who had seized it from Indians.

When Poonam came to know that her video was shared on Twitter and people were praising her, she wrote a post on Facebook. “I had no idea that I will start trending on Twitter for the minor work done to save my country’s flag.”

In a previous post on Facebook, Poonam Joshi had written, “When thousands of goats are sent to scare the lions! I was on @ANI duty as a journalist to cover the Kashmir protest by Pakistanis and supporters of Khalistan when I saw a bunch of Pakistani hooligans snatch our Indian flag from the Indian side and threw it on the Pakistan side, then I saw it being torn and being beaten with shoes. Even though as a journalist I could not get involved in the protest in any way but my blood boiled seeing the pride of my nation, my beloved Indian flag being treated like this. I went in, grabbed our flag from under their feet and their hands. These blood thirsty hate mongers were there to cause trouble but when I look back now I feel so proud that, all it takes is ONE INDIAN WOMAN to get her country’s flag from these thugs from right under their nose…there was a tiny piece left which also I managed to bring back safely a little later….Can you imagine when the entire India gets together to get POK back, what will happen?? 🙂 🙂 Thank you Nimit Shishodia for filming this…My camera only recorded their faces…and when I ran to get the flag I still had my camera in one hand. I just hope if not anyone else I made my father and mother Kailash Chandra Joshi and Raj Joshi very proud today…”

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