Wednesday 18 May 2022
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Police trace 2,895 Tablighis in UP; 2,613 quarantined, 156 foreigners jailed

Uttar Pradesh Police has tracked down 1,399 Tablighis in Meerut. 595 in Bareilly, 195 in Varanasi, 145 in Gorakhpur and 171 in Agra


Uttar Pradesh Police, working on a war-footing to catch associates responsible for spreading coronavirus infection across the country and especially the state, have traced 83 more members of the Islamic organisation in various districts in the past five days, of which 74 have been quarantined. Sources say nine Tablighis of Uttar Pradesh domicile are in other states.

There are now about 282 associates, scared of getting arrested, hiding in other cities and states, said a source, adding the nation will soon come to know that the number of Tablighis apprehended by Uttar Pradesh Police has suddenly spiked.

The police have so far identified 2,895 Tablighis, of which 2,613 have been quarantined. So far, a maximum of 1,399 members have been tracked down to the Meerut zone. there are 595 in the Bareilly zone, 195 in the Varanasi zone, 145 in the Gorakhpur zone and 171 in the Agra zone.

Police have identified 325 foreign Tablighis who came to the state after 1 February. This figure is now stable. All of them have been quarantined. As many as 156 foreign Tablighis have been jailed.

However, as per the information Sirf News received from security agencies and police departments in different states, more than 2,000 foreign Tablighis have come to India since 1 January this year.

Police have registered 45 cases against foreign nationals in 20 districts. Passports of 259 have been seized.

Inspector-general (law and order) Jyoti Narayan is monitoring the UP Police vigilance. She is also overseeing the sanitisation of 12,518 places including hotspots.

Fire brigade joins police, health departments in sanitation drive

In the battle against coronavirus, area sanitisation work is happening on a war footing too. The fire service in the state is collaborating with security and health agencies, covering areas in phases.

Following instructions from Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, a total of 12518 places, including 635 hotspots, now stand sanitised with the help of 892 fire brigade vehicles.

Additional Chief Secretary Home Avnish Kumar Awasthi said that sanitation was happening continuously in all districts including Lucknow, Noida, Kanpur, Agra, Moradabad, Aligarh, Bareilly, Azamgarh, Varanasi.

With the help of fire engines 1,277 sensitive locations, 1,465 markets and 3,411 residential sites have been sanitised.

According to DG Fire Service RK Vishwakarma, fire personnel have been asked to complete the sanitation operations at the respective places on the instructions of the respective district magistrates.


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