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Police in Kashmir to turn a lean-and-mean force by next year

From jamming IED devices to deactivating landmines, Jammu and Kashmir Police in state-of-the-art armoured vehicles will be a terrorist's nightmare

Stone-pelters and armed terrorists in Kashmir will now think twice before facing Jammu and Kashmir Police. To maintain law and order in the Union Territory and battle terrorism, the Jammu and Kashmir Police fleet will soon be equipped with 50 armoured vehicles equipped with GPS and state-of-the-art armaments. The police are getting high-quality bulletproof shields, better helmets to face stone-pelters and bomb-proof vehicles capable of detecting IEDs and deal with landmines.

The Union Home Ministry has approved a plan of about Rs 1,000 crore for the state-of-the-art equipment and capacity development of Jammu and Kashmir Police. The decision to equip the police with avant-garde equipment was taken in a security review meeting held in the presence of National Security Advisor Ajit Doval last month.

Jammu and Kashmir Police is the only civilian force in the country that, along with fighting crime, is also fiercely fighting the proxy war waged by Pakistan. In view of the new methods and techniques being adopted by Pakistan-sponsored terrorists to execute their nefarious designs, the Union Home Ministry has ordered an immediate modernisation of Jammu and Kashmir Police. Necessary funds have been provisioned for this and the money is being released in phases.

Fifty armoured vehicles equipped with GPS that Jammu and Kashmir Police is getting have the necessary equipment to handle any anti-terrorist operation. There will be necessary medical equipment for immediate treatment of injuries of the police personnel. The vehicles have bulletproof shields to protect the force from firing during demonstrations by mischievous elements that terrorists take advantage of.

Special bulletproof helmets will be made available for police personnel involved in counter-insurgency operations during the first three months of next year. In addition, there will be special vehicles with equipment capable of detecting IEDs and landmines, which the government is procuring from abroad.

Initially, about a dozen such vehicles will be purchased, and more will be bought later as per requirement. These vehicles will be able to withstand landmine blasts and jam remote-operated IED devices within a range of 30 m to 50 m in the area from which they pass.

The jawans will be sent to other parts of the country for commando training. Sources said that necessary changes are being made in the training of officers and jawans of Jammu and Kashmir Police. The personnel will be sent to different training centres across the country to learn the changing techniques of locating and deactivating landmines.

The centres of Army and central paramilitary forces will train commandos and give different batches of officers of Jammu and Kashmir Police exposure to counter-insurgency operations.

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