Home Politics India Police in Jammu-Kashmir forced Pandits to accept own responsibility for security?

Police in Jammu-Kashmir forced Pandits to accept own responsibility for security?

Divisional Commissioner PK Pole conceded the police had sent an undertaking to Pandit families but denied there was pressure to sign it

Police in J&K forced Pandits to sign acceptance of lax security?

Rattled by the spate of targeted killings of Hindus over the past month, Pandits living in Kashmir are angry with Jammu and Kashmir Police for allegedly making them sign an “undertaking”. According to Sanjay Tickoo, the head of Kashmiri Pandit Sangharsh Samiti, the police initially asked the families to replace the house security personnel who were guarding them in their homes. When the families refused, the police allegedly made them sign an undertaking that stated that the forces would not be held responsible for their security.

“Police guard has been established in the village (name of the village withheld for security reasons) by district police (of) for the security of Kashmiri Pandits residing in the village of…,” reads the declaration, dated 18 October, and accessed by ThePrint.

“We the Kashmiri Pandits residents of the village solemnly declare without any pressure or threat in presence of witnesses mentioned below that we don’t need the police guard. We are safe without the police guard… We will never blame the police or the government for not providing security and will be responsible on our own.”

ThePrint quoted Tickoo as saying that the police sent the undertaking to at least 500 families living in villages across southern and northern Kashmir, of whom about 250 signed it under “pressure”.

“The J&K police had asked the families to give at least two rooms inside their houses for 10 security personnel from the Jammu & Kashmir Armed Police (JKAP). The families cannot do that,” Tickoo said. “They themselves live in two-room apartments, plus they have female members and children. How can you expect them to accommodate security personnel inside their houses, that too 24X7?” he questioned.

“When families said no, the police made them sign this declaration form,” he said. “The government and security agencies are abdicating their duty and responsibility to protect us. They want us to declare that if we are killed tomorrow, they are not the ones to be blamed.” 

Kashmir Divisional Commissioner Pandurang Kondbarao Pole conceded that the police had sent an undertaking to the Kashmiri Pandit families but denied that there was pressure on them to sign it. “You have to understand that we have a limited force and not every family can have security personnel allotted to them,” he said.

“As far as the undertaking is concerned, this is a requirement of the system. We don’t have any ill intentions but we do not have any bunkers available to keep the security forces in those villages at the moment. We had to ask the families to accommodate them for the time being, until we make space for the security forces. This would not have been permanent,” Pole asserted.

“We understand that families must be uncomfortable, but in that case, they have to sign this undertaking. This is not Delhi or Mumbai, this is Kashmir. We are dealing with militancy here. Everything has to be on record.”

Nationwide, people have been giving a call to provide security to the Kashmiri Pandits after the slew of civilian killings that began on 5 October when terrorists shot dead four people after ensuring they were not Muslim. The victims include Makhan Lal Bindroo, owner of Bindroo Medicate, Srinagar’s most famous pharmacy, and a vendor from Bihar.

Days later, the terrorists singled out a Sikh and a teacher and shot them dead in a in Srinagar. Since then, the Islamic terrorists have murdered at least five more civilians. 

The Kashmiri Pandits claim that the authority is not addressing their security concerns. “We have been writing to the L-G and IG of Kashmir asking for an appointment to discuss the security threats to us but it’s been five months and we have not received any response from them as of yet,” said Ratan Chacko, 50, another Kashmiri Pandit living in the Valley.  

IG Vijay Kumar and Srinagar SSP Sandeep Chaudhary were not available for comments.

Sandeep Kaul, a 29-year- Kashmiri Pandit who works for Parag Milk Foods, now called on the Muslims in the Valley to stand by them.  

“I have complaints to the majority in the Valley. I understand they have been isolated by the system but they should send a loud and clear message supporting us,” he said. “I’m appealing to the Muslims to take out a peace march, which will enhance our confidence.”

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