Wednesday 26 January 2022
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Police detain Narsinghanand, Tyagi

Uttarakhand Police had earlier registered a case against Jitendra Tyagi, known as Waseem Rizvi when he was a Muslim, for telling Hindus they are imperilled

Police detained Waseem Rizvi alias Jitendra Narayan Tyagi in Haridwar today for allegedly making objectionable and inflammatory statements against Muslims during the ‘Dharam Sansad’ or religious assembly held in Haridwar. The cops detained too.

Police had earlier registered a case against Jitendra Narayan Tyagi, known as Waseem Rizvi when he was a Muslim.

The religious assembly, being referred to as the “Haridwar Hate Assembly” by the woke and, predictably, Muslims, stirred a hornet’s nest after videos of Hindu leaders, motivating Hindus to be conscious of the state of affairs of the country and its demography and prepare for self-defence, went viral.

Muslims and the woke have accused Tyagi of deliberately hurting the religious sentiments of crores of people, who believe in Islam. The speech was broadcast live on Facebook, following which a certain Gulbahar Khan lodged an FIR against Tyagi at Haridwar Kotwali.

Police tweeted (in Hindi), “Taking cognizance of the video that is going viral on social media for spreading hatred by giving provocative speeches against a particular religion, a case has been registered against Waseem Rizvi alias Jitendra Narayan Tyagi and others under Section 153A IPC in Kotwali Haridwar and legal proceedings are in progress.”

A senior police official said in Haridwar that Tyagi was arrested from Haridwar and was taken to the Kotwali police station for interrogation. Sources said that Tyagi was accompanied by Yati Narsinghanand Saraswati, another accused in the case.

The three-day Dharm Sansad was organised between 17-19 December at Ved Niketan Ashram at Haridwar by Yati Narsinghananda. The event was attended by saints, seers and some BJP politicians. Soon after the meet, videos purportedly containing provocative speeches by some seers and others went viral on social media.

In one of the videos, Maa Annapurna, a seer and office-bearer of the Hindu Mahasabha, is heard saying that she will not hesitate to take up arms to protect the Hindu religion. ”I will not think for a minute and take up arms if I feel that Hinduism is in danger even if I am branded a supporter of Nathuram Godse,” she is heard saying in the video.

In another video, a seer, identified as Dharmdas Maharaji, is heard saying that he would have followed Godse and ”pumped six bullets in the chest of Manmohan Singh (former prime minister), when he had said that the minorities had the first right over national resources”.

Another seer Anand Swaroopji Maharaj is heard saying in another video that the Hindus will wage a battle severer than the 1857 fight against the East India Company if they are not given ‘Hindu Rashtra’. He also purportedly threatened the hotel owners in Haridwar with serious consequences if they allowed Christmas celebrations in their premises.

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