Saturday 31 July 2021
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Police arrest 4 facilitators of Rohingyas’ entry in UP

They have sent some Rohingya women abroad using fake documents, Uttar Pradesh ADG () Prashant Kumar said on behalf of the police

Police has four members of a gang that was facilitating the entry of Rohingyas into the state. UP ADG (Law and Order) Prashant Kumar said on 18 June that four members of the gang that sent Rohingyas to India have been arrested.

Thousands of Rohingyas have been living illegally in the country. Around 15 Rohingyas were arrested from Uttar Pradesh, the highest in the country, recently. The gang that was involved in these activities used to sneak the Rohingyas in through the Myanmar- border.

The gang was involved in illegal documents and . A person named Hafiz Shafiq was running this gang in .”Gang members used to make fake United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Card and take a lot of money and then help people enter India illegally after making their fake Indian IDs. These people were involved in criminal and anti-national activities,” said Prashant Kumar, ADG Law & Order.”They have sent some Rohingya women abroad using fake documents. This is the first time that the human trafficking angle came to knowledge as they have sent some women to . The investigation is underway,” Prashant Kumar said.

The money was being circulated through hawala. Metals like gold have been recovered from the arrested Rohingya, UP Police said.

The Anti- Squad (ATS) of Uttar Pradesh Police had on 17 June arrested two Rohingyas for illegally living in India with the help of forged documents. ATS sources said that for the past few days, there had been reports that some Rohingyas had entered India via Myanmar for illegal activities.

Some Myanmar nationals were already residing in different districts of Uttar Pradesh. He said that the ATS on 17 June arrested Rafiq and Amin belonging to the Rohingya community, who were residents of Myanmar. Sources said that a , Rs 770 in cash and six gold biscuits were recovered from the arrested persons.

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