Friday 27 January 2023
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BiologyHealthPM Modi announces national lockdown beginning midnight of 24-25 March

PM Modi announces national lockdown beginning midnight of 24-25 March

As the number of patients infected with the coronavirus disease (COVID) rises rapidly in the country, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today addressed the nation at 8 PM, announcing a complete lockdown of the country this midnight onwards. The PM said that the COVID epidemic had been left unattended to the able countries of the world, and even they were found wanting.

The PM said it was not that those countries were not making efforts or that they lacked in resources. However, the COVID is spreading so fast that, despite all efforts, the challenge for these countries was getting tougher every moment.

Modi said that his government was acting on the advice of the World Health Organisation.

PM announces full lockdown

PM Modi said that keeping in mind other countries, today the country is going to make some important decisions. The PM said that the entire lockdown would begin across the country from 12 o’clock tonight. He said that, to save the citizen of India, there was going to be a complete ban on getting out of homes “to save your family”.

PM Modi said that the country would have to bear the economic of the lockdown, “but saving your family is the priority of the Government of India, the state governments and every local body”.

21 important days

PM Modi said that he was pleading “that you stay where you are in the country”. He said, “This lockdown in the country would last three weeks or 21 days. The coming 21 days is very important for every family. These 21 days are very important to break the COVID chain.”

“If the lockdown is not sustained for 21 days, your family and country will go back 21 years and many families will be destroyed forever,” the PM warned.

The PM said, “I am saying this not as a PM but as a family member. A step out of your home can bring coronavirus home. The infection of one person in the family is the beginning.”

Difficult for the poor

The PM further said that the people who were in the homes were sharing on social media that they liked this isolation. He showed a sign where “corona” was spelt in Devanagari: को for कोई, रो for रोड पर and ना for ना निकलें. That is, “Nobody leaves for the roads.”

The premier said that in the midst of the global pandemic of COVID, the central and state governments were constantly trying to ensure that people did not face problems. “All kinds of measures have been taken and we will do more. This is a very difficult hour even for the poor.”

Stay away from rumours

Modi said that in such times, unknowingly many times, rumours get much emphasis. He said, “When symptoms of the infection surface, do not take any without the advice of doctors because any kind of mess can risk your life.” The PM said that the lockdown of 21 days was a long time but “it has been done to protect your family and your life”.

PM Modi said that he was confident that every Indian would not only successfully fight it but would also overcome this challenge.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi had addressed the people earlier on Thursday evening. He had said that even in the First and Second World Wars, so many countries had not been affected as the coronavirus disease is afflicting. “The whole world is going through a crisis and we must be vigilant,” he had said.

PM Modi had said, “It is wrong to believe that coronavirus will not affect India. Amid such an epidemic, the mantra “hum swasth, jagat swasth (if we stay healthy, the world will too) will help”.

PM Modi had also appealed for a Janata Curfew on Sunday, which the people of the country turned into a huge success also by showing their appreciation for healthcare and security workers by banging utensils at 5 PM that day.

The Union Ministry of Home Affairs has issued guidelines to be followed during the lockdown. The offices that will remain open during the lockdown are mentioned therein. The guideline are as follows.

PM Modi announces national lockdown beginning midnight of 24-25 March
PM Modi announces national lockdown beginning midnight of 24-25 March
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