Friday 27 May 2022
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Plan to decongest Terminal 1D of IGI airport

New Delhi — Secretary, Ministry of Civil Aviation (MoCA), RN Choubey visited Terminal 1 D on 26 August and reviewed proposed action plan to address the issue of congestion at Terminal 1D of the Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGIA), Delhi. During the review meeting, officers from CISF, BCAS and senior management of Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL) were present.

After a 3-hour long deliberation, the following specific action plan was agreed upon.

DIAL will increase the width of the terminal entry gate to allow deployment of two CISF personnel at each gate on the pattern of T3 instead of 1 CISF personnel deployed presently leading to long queues. DIAL shall complete this work by 30 September and CISF will increase their staff strength.

Presently, airlines are utilising 58 check-in counters against the 96 available counters which is leading to longer queue. To ease out check-in congestion, airlines will utilise all available check-in counters.

DIAL will start trials for self-bag drop machines by 1 October.

DIAL has increased number of x-ray machines from 16 to 18 and number of frisking booths from 32 to 36. To reduce the waiting at the security screening, CISF will deploy additional manpower by 15 September at all x-ray machines and frisking booths.

To facilitate speedy screening of hand baggage, DIAL will place the orders for specialised trays by 31 August.

To improve the convenience at boarding gates, flap gates to be introduced by 7 October.

To improve convenience at boarding gate area DIAL will increase boarding gate area from the current 1787 sq m to 3574 sq m by 28 February 2016 and number of boarding gates from 15 to 20.

Inter-terminal transfer (T1C-T1D) on airside will be made operational by 15 September.

CISF will deploy additional manpower.

With the above measures taken, congestion at Terminal 1D is expected to ease out. The secretary will review the progress after a month. He stressed on better coordination among all stakeholders including government agencies to achieve the end of a -friendly environment.

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