Friday 1 July 2022
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Plaban Biswas, who dared critique Mamata Banerjee, arrested from Bihar, sent to remand for 7 days

Unlike the frivolous Roddur Roy, Plaban Biswas stays clear of dragging revered figures in his commentary and instead makes satires on politics, economy and social issues

Police of the intolerant Mamata Banerjee government, after chasing a forgettable YouTuber Roddur Roy up to Goa to catch him while ignoring his below-the-belt jibes on SriRama and Rabindranath Thakur (Tagore), have now gone after another well-followed video maker Plaban Biswas. Broadcasting his content regularly via a YouTube channel and a Facebook page, Biswas drew the ire of the Trinamool Congress government for making sarcastic videos on the chief minister of West Bengal.

There is a difference though. While the arrest of Roddur Roy led to a furore in mainstream and social media alike, the plight of Plaban Biswas has hardly caught the public fancy.

There is a difference with Sharad Pawar’s intolerance too. The actress who mocked the NCP head was arrested and it made national news. But if the arrest of a somewhat known Roddur Roy made it only to Bangla language media, there is a slim chance the case of Plaban Biswas will reach English and Hindi language news mediums.

Never mocking traditions unlike Roddur Roy, Plaban Biswas instead chooses to delve into politics, social realities, the state of the economy and the decline in people’s religiosity. When the political part ‘crossed the line’ of the touchy West Bengal chief minister’s tolerance, her police went after him.

A sample of Plaban Biswas’s work

Arrested from a town in Bihar, Plaban Biswas is now in the custody of West Bengal Police at a station in Topsia, Kolkata. Patna Police had reportedly cooperated in a joint operation that led to his arrest.

Advocate Ashutosh Dubey reported that the YouTuber from West Bengal was arrested by West Bengal Police from Patna, Bihar at 3 in the night, along with local police From the Ramkrishna Nagar Police Station.

According to the lawyer, the police charged him with the ‘offence’ of making videos on YouTube. When his wife insisted, they shared the contact number of her husband, which helped her talk to him 5 hours after his arrest.

The police here had allegedly waylaid Plaban Biswas, telling him first he was being taken to the police station in Sealdah but he was taken to Topsia, says his distraught wife who followed her husband to Kolkata. She says the police are dithering on the question of sharing a copy of the FIR with her.

But Plaban Biswas was produced in a court that sent him to seven-day police custody.

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