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Piyush Singh lost in Jaipur found as Mohammed Ali at Nizamuddin Markaz

SHO at the Sadar police station, said the Aadhaar card number of Ali was the same as that of Piyush in the list of members of Tablighi Jamaat



A man named Piyush Singh, who lives in Jaipur, Rajasthan, went missing on 20 March. He was recently found at the Nizamuddin Markaz, Delhi, where his name was registered as Mohammed Ali on the Tablighi Jamaat list. Officials said the man’s father Anoop Singh had lodged a complaint at the Sadar police station in Jaipur on 27 March, seven days after his disappearance.

A team of Jaipur Police brought Piyush alias Ali back from the markaz this Wednesday.

Confirming the news, Rajendra Singh Shekhawat, SHO at the Sadar police station, said the Aadhaar card number of Ali was the same as that of Piyush in the list of members of Tablighi Jamaat. The list shows Ali’s address in Meerut.

On 19 April, the authorities advised Ali alias Piyush to stay in quarantine when he was at the Sultanpuri Police Station in Delhi.

Officials said they had taken his samples for testing thrice and the result was negative each time. A police team went to Delhi and brought him back on 20 May.

SHO Shekhawat said that Piyush aka Ali did not want to come back. The Hindu-turned-Muslim wanted to stay there but was in regular contact with his father. He switched his mobile handset on during his stay at the markaz.

Piyush-turned-Ali further stated that he had gone to the congregation of the Tablighi Jamaat of his own “free will”. When asked why he was named Ali, the SHO said, “He may have got himself registered by this name. If he wanted him to be known as Robin Hood, the officer would have written his name as Robin Hood. He was living there voluntarily.”

Piyush’s father has something else to say. He said, “I came to know 10 days ago that my son was at the Nizamuddin Markaz. The police helped to bring him back. After coming back from Delhi, my son’s mental state has not been stable and he does not want to talk to anyone.”

Telling reporters that Piyush studied BCA and was preparing for MCA, the father says, “It has been just two days since he came, after a few days we will ask him how he reached the markaz.”

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‘I saw Piyush offering namaz’

The father further said, “We have hit a bad patch. We do not know with whom he was in contact and with whose help he reached the markaz.

In the complaint lodged by him, Piyush’s father said that for the past few months, his son Piyush had been offering namaz (salah) and also talking a lot about Islam.

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The father said that Piyush would be found restless at home, pacing up and down his room. Piyush studied cybersecurity and he is proficient in this work, the father informed journalists.


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