Wednesday 1 February 2023
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PoliticsIndiaPilot patches up with INC that lays down condition for return

Pilot patches up with INC that lays down condition for return

Before the crucial Rajasthan assembly session from 14 August, rebel Indian National Congress (INC) leader Sachin Pilot met party leaders Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra today amidst indications of a possible breakthrough.

Top sources in the INC said the meeting took place a little after 12 noon at Rahul Gandhi’s residence. The party is expecting a “positive outcome”. Sources confirmed that Pilot had been in touch with the party leadership and a formula for his return was being worked out.

According to sources close to the Gurjar leader, the meeting lasted for about 2 h where the leadership assured the Pilot camp that all their issues would be resolved.

Party sources said further that the INC leadership was working on a formula for his return. They said, among the options, one possible discussed during the meeting was favourable voting by Pilot and MLAs loyal to him in case of a during the upcoming Rajasthan assembly session.

Pilot and 18 other MLAs had rebelled against the -led INC government in Rajasthan. This had led the party high command to sacking Pilot as deputy chief minister and state party chief.

One of the MLAs is back in the INC after talking to Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and their coterie. Other MLAs are likely to meet top party leadership soon and discuss their issues, they added.

The INC had a total of 107 MLAs in the 200-member Rajasthan assembly. This includes 6 MLAs who were previously with the BSP.

Pilot and other rebel MLAs would face disqualification in case they defied the party whip on the floor of the house.

With firmly holding on to the remaining MLAs, the party high command is confident of resolving the rebellion raised against the state chief minister.

The patch-up follows an acrimonious chapter of wild allegations hurled at Pilot for conspiring with the BJP and taking recourse to horse-trading to topple the gehlot government.

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