Friday 28 January 2022
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Pilot asked to manoeuvre a Yo-Yo to stay in INC skies

The Indian National Congress (INC), now sure the Ashok Gehlot-led government isn’t falling, toughened its stance on Sachin Pilot today. The party told him to reject the hospitality of the Haryana government and come back to Jaipur. This would, the party said, prove his claim he did not want to go with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

INC spokesman Randeep Singh Surjewala called for this evidence through a video message. It started with a proclamation that the BJP conspiracy to topple the Gehlot government had failed.

Surjewala listed what Sachin Pilot, whom he referred to as a youth leader repeatedly, should do to prove his intentions. Reject the hospitality of the BJP-led Haryana government and come back to your home in Jaipur, Surjewala said. He asked Pilot to get back INC MLAs cloistered in two Gurugram hotels guarded by Haryana’s security forces.

The message to Pilot indicates the hardening of the stand of the INC’s central leadership. This followed Ashok Gehlot’s claim that he had proof of Pilot’s involvement in toppling the government. “Come back and you can talk to the leadership about all the issues that you have directly, not through the media,” Surjewala said.

But the INC spokesman made it clear the INC didn’t think that Pilot’s bid to reduce the Gehlot government to a minority was a stand-alone effort. Surjewala underscored the different efforts that the INC had made over the last five days to retain Pilot.

In the last five days, Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and the Congress leadership in a large-hearted gesture kept all doors open for Pilot, Surjewala asserted. He added that the INC high command and two Congress Working Committee (CWC) members told him if he still supported the party, he should at least tell the media as much. The INC leadership and two CWC members and a dozen more conveyed this message half-a-dozen times, Surjewala reminded Pilot.

But Sachin Pilot did not make the statement demanded of him. It was only after all these efforts to placate Pilot didn’t persuade him and his supporters that the INC had to act “with a heavy heart”, the spokesman said.

The party had sacked Pilot yesterday as Rajasthan’s deputy chief minister and state party chief. The INC started simultaneously the process to disqualify Pilot and 17 of the MLAs supporting him. They had skipped the two INC legislature party meetings in the state assembly. The party has given Pilot and his supporters time till Friday to respond to the notice.

Hours earlier, Ashok Gehlot had lashed out at his younger, “ambitious” colleagues — a clear reference to Pilot. The chief minister accused the rebel of colluding with the BJP. Gehlot said he had “proof: “We have proof that horse-trading was being committed (sic). Money was offered. And who gave (the) clarification that nothing was happening? Those leaders, who themselves were involved and part of the conspiracy, were giving clarifications,” Gehlot said.

“With us, you are Deputy CM and PCC and you make deals with (BJP) people. You ask for mobile number and names and are involved in conspiracy and then they give a clarification that there was no horse-trading. You were part of the conspiracy and what are you clarifying now,” the chief minister said, clearly determined that the party does not come under pressure to go easy on Sachin Pilot.

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