Friday 21 January 2022
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Petrol bombs hurled at BJP office in Coimbatore

Miscreants hurled petrol bombs at the BJP office in Coimbatore early today but no one was injured, police said

Coimbatore: Miscreants hurled petrol bombs at the office in Coimbatore early today but no one was injured, said.

The miscreants, who came in an auto-rickshaw, hurled the bombs at the office in Siddapudur at around 4 AM, they said, adding that the bombs fell short of the office building.

A special team has been formed to track down the culprits, based on CCTV camera footage, they added.

The attack comes after the reported remarks of national secretary H Raja on Dravidian leader EV Ramaswamy, known as Periyar, and also the removal of communist icon Vladimir Lenin’s statue in Tripura.

Visuals of the incident have gone viral on social media.

The local unit of the has convened an following the incident, party sources said.

Meanwhile, additional forces have been deployed near Periyar’s statues in and around the city, said.

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