Wednesday 1 February 2023
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PoliticsIndiaModi govt has failed to deliver on its promises: Pilot

Modi govt has failed to deliver on its promises: Pilot

Rajkot: Congress Sachin Pilot said today that there was a feeling among common people that the -led NDA government has failed to deliver on its promises.

The former Union minister said that although the Modi government took steps such as demonetisation and the “half- cooked” GST, it did not pay heed to the people’s problems caused by the note ban.

“It’s easy to give speeches, declare manifesto and publish advertisement, but this government is facing difficulties and there is a feeling among common people that they have failed to deliver (on their promises),” Pilot, who was here to for Gujarat polls, told reporters.

He was here to take part in “Yuva Samvad” programme near Saurashtra University.

“What I have seen is that the people of the are disappointed with the central government’s performance and I felt an undercurrent that will help Congress register a massive win in the Gujarat elections,” he said.

“The undercurrent occurs because the government had given so many promises, including that of bringing back black money, creating jobs for the youth and several others,” he said.

Targeting the over demonetisation and the GST, Pilot said, “This government took steps like note ban and half-cooked GST. But what they did not pay heed to was that the people’s problems caused due to note ban.”

“At the same time, Congress kept away from negative politics and tried to convince the Union government to bring changes in GST,” he said.

Pilot further said that Gandhi will soon take over as the president of the party.

“Very soon Congress will have Rahul Gandhi as its national president, as many units has passed their resolutions and the party will complete the formalities for the post very soon”, he added without specifying any date.

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