Thursday 26 May 2022
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PC George arrested for remarks ‘against Muslims’ saved 40 girls from love jihad

Former Kerala MLA PC George also said two of the 17 people sentenced to death for cases related to terrorism in the country were his neighbours

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PC George, the senior politician and former Kerala MLA who was recently arrested for his remarks against Muslims, has said that he had rescued 40 girls from the “trap of love jihad”. He fought against the social scourge of love jihad, PC George said while speaking at a reception hosted by the Christian Association and the Alliance for Social Action (CASA).

“Love jihad” is a coinage by the Christians of Kerala while the mainstream media makes its subscribers believe it is a Hindu conspiracy theory.

“Love jihad happens in the country. I have rescued 40 girls from the trap of love jihad. This is my experience. Two of the 17 people sentenced to death for cases related to in the country were his neighbours,” PC George said, adding that he will run a campaign all over Kerala for what he had said at the Hindu Mahasammelan.

An editorial on the subject

PC George, who was present at the reception given by CASA, was shown a black by AIYF activists. As George’s vehicle was entering Shastri Road, a group of AIYF workers approached him waving black flags. When the police stopped them, another group came to the gate in front of the hall, waving a black flag and stopped the vehicle.

Planthottathil Chacko George, born 28 August 1951, is a seven-time MLA from the Poonjar constituency in District Kottayam, Kerala (1982 – 1987 and 1996 – 2021). He was in the Legislative Assembly of Kerala for 33 years. After the state election in 2016, he created his own party named Kerala Janapaksham (Secular). Formerly, he was a member of political parties like Kerala Congress, Kerala Congress (Joseph), Kerala Congress (Mani) and Kerala Congress (Secular).

PC George served as the chief whip of the Kerala Legislative Assembly from 2011 to 2015 under the Kerala Congress (M) party of the UDF government. George later became an independent politician. In 2017, he formed the party Kerala Janapaksham (Secular). Before the 2019 Indian Lok Sabha election, his party joined the National Democratic Alliance (NDA).

Under love jihad, Muslim men target women of other faiths for conversion to Islam by means such as seduction, feigning love, deception, kidnapping and marriage — as part of a broader demographic “war” by Muslims against India and an organised international conspiracy for domination through demographic growth and replacement. There have been innumerable reports from across the country, about women from both Christian and Hindu folds, supporting the suspicion that this is a broader Islamic gameplan. In rare cases where the Muslim players of this game fail, their women targets have been murdered or left in a state where they no longer can lead a normal social life.

Police arrested PC George early on 1 May and lodged him at a police camp in the state capital for a few hours before he was granted bail by a local court. Both the BJP and the Catholica Congress, which is directly controlled by bishops in Kerala, also accused the state government of “not acting against certain community leaders” when they allegedly “insulted Christian faith and Gods” in the recent past.

Credit: Indus Scrolls

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