Saturday 28 January 2023
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BiologyHealthParty with Kanika Kapoor puts Vasundhara, Dushyant in isolation

Party with Kanika Kapoor puts Vasundhara, Dushyant in isolation

Dushyant Singh had attended Sansad by the time he came to know Kanika Kapoor he had met with in Lucknow had tested positive, thus risking the health of TMC MP Derek O'Brien too

A party with a coronavirus-positive playback singer and actress in Lucknow has occupied the space for political news, as BJP politician had joined this social gathering. The former Rajasthan chief minister’s son and MP Dushyant Singh was in the party too. On learning that has tested positive, the mother-son duo had to force themselves into isolation with the apprehension that they might have been infected.

The 41-year-old Kanika is known for her chartbusters Baby Doll and Chittiyaan Kalaiyaan. Once she tested positive with coronavirus, she was moved to the KGMU Hospital.

What is alarming, many people present in this party have gone to many other places, thus risking the health of many others. On learning that Singh had attended the parliament after the party, TMC MP Derek O’Brien forced himself into self-isolation too, as Singh was seated next to him in Sansad.

The TMC MP said in a tweet, “Am on self-isolation and following all protocol, as I was sitting right next to MP Dushyant for two hours at a #Parliament meeting on March 18. #COVID19.”

“This government is putting all of us in danger,” O’Brien said, adding, “The prime minister appeals to all to isolate themselves but the parliament is running. I sat for 2.5 hours next to Dushyant Singh. There are two more MPs, who have placed themselves in self-isolation. The session should end. “

Confirming the development, Vasundhara Raje tweeted: “A few days ago, I went to a in Lucknow with Dushyant and his -in-law. Kanika Kapoor, who has been found to be COVID19-infected, was present as a guest at that dinner. As a precaution, I and Dushyant are in self-isolation and we are following all the necessary instructions.”

The party where was a guest was held on 15 March. According to sources, this party was organised on behalf of BSP leader Akbar Ahmed Dumpy. He threw one party at his house and the other at the Taj Hotel. Many politicians attended this party. Some people associated with the Uttar Pradesh government were there too. And both these groups of people are highly social.

Singh had come to know of Kanika Kapoor’s infection after attending the parliament. It is feared that people who have been in touch with Singh, and other politicians who were in that party may have infected many others with coronavirus.

Kanika was in Kanpur too

Apart from Lucknow, Kanika attended a relative’s party in Kanpur. Sanjay Tandon, a relative of hers, says that 15-20 people attended the housewarming party. Now they come to know that Kanika has tested coronavirus-positive. The entire has gone into self-isolation.

People are accusing Kanika of callous public conduct, alleging that she hid her symptoms of flu and wriggled out of the airport — on her way back from London — jumping the screening process required for coronavirus.

23 cases of coronavirus in UP, 207 in India

Meanwhile, the number of coronavirus-positive patients in Lucknow has risen to nine, with four new cases reported in the capital of Uttar Pradesh on Friday. The total number of patients infected with coronavirus in Uttar Pradesh has reached 23.

So far, the country has reported 207 confirmed cases of coronavirus; 32 of them are foreigners and 20 have recovered and four have died. The government has, however, refused to accept the last death — the one in Punjab — as a case of COVID.

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