Thursday 30 June 2022
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Pariksha pe Charcha 2.0 turns PTM: Parents-teachers-Modi meet

Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacted with the guardians of school-going children, counselling them as to how students must be treated during the exam season

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi Tuesday asked parents not to expect their children to fulfil their unfulfilled dreams as he interacted with a number of students, teachers and parents in the second edition of “Pariksha pe Charcha”.

In this programme, Modi speaks to them about studies and examination-related issues. “I would request parents, do not expect your children to fulfil your unfulfilled dreams. Every child has his or her own potential and strengths… It is important to understand these positives of every child,” the Prime Minister said.

Modi described the townhall as a “mini-India, a place where we have in our midst the future of India”.

The prime minister said technology should lead to an expansion of the mind and be seen as a means to innovate, but, he also asked students not to forget the playing field.

Modi counsels parents, teachers and students before ‘pariksha’

After paying tributes to veteran socialist trade unionist and former Union defence minister George Fernandes, the Prime Minister began “You should understand that you are sitting with the family and a family member is talking to you. My aim is not to teach any of the students, parents, teachers,” PM Modi said.

“I am not here to give advice to teachers, parents or students. But I am here to feel and be one amongst you all.”

“Society should be aspirational, not negative. If people have expectations from us, it shows that they have some trust in us. We have to make ourselves capable, not get bogged down by expectations. We must take it positively,” PM Modi said.

A parent from Manipur asked, “How can parents de-stress themselves during the exams of students?” Modi replied, “Exams are important in life, but one should not be stressed by it. Abhi nahin to kabhi nahin (if not now, then never), should not be the only motto. Ask yourselves if this is an exam of your life or is it just an exam for a particular grade like Class X or XII? Once you know the answer to this, your pressure will subside.”

The prime minister dealt with the burden of expectations: “People say Modi has many aspirations, but I want to nurture 125 crore aspirations of our countrymen. We should highlight those aspirations that the country runs. The burden of expectations should not be suppressed. We must prove ourselves to meet the expectations.”

Get over the urge for vicarious pleasure

“Parents should not expect children to fulfil their unfulfilled dreams. Every child has his or her own potential and strengths, it is important to understand these positives of every child,” said Modi, dealing with a widespread social phenomenon of parents seeking vicarious pleasure from children by trying to make them achieve what they themselves couldn’t.

“I hope parents do not make the report card of their children their own visiting cards…because if that is the aim then the expectations from children become unreal,” the prime minister said.

Celebrate as a technology

“Is he a gamer?” Modi asked a parent. “I will not say exposure to technology is a bad thing for students. It is good that students are getting acquainted with new technology. Technology should lead to an expansion of the mind and as a means to innovate,” the prime minister said, trying to de-stress parents who are concerned about their children’s fixation with mobile and video games.

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