Thursday 21 October 2021
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Paranoid opposition camps outside EVM strong room in UP

They fear some intruder may barge or sneak into the strong room and fiddle with the machines that have already registered the votes


Meerut: Some opposition parties are maintaining a strict vigil of EVM strong rooms, having wholly bought their own conspiracy theory that Indian elections can be influenced by hacking these machines. To keep a watch on the strong room in Meerut, supporters of the opposition parties are clinging on to CCTV camera footage, as well as telescopes, in the night, seated in tents!

The opposition parties fear that some intruder may barge or sneak into the EVM strong rooms and alter the machines that have already registered the votes at some point of time before they are opened officially at the counting centres.

In Meerut, supporters of the SP-BSP- alliance candidate Haji Yaqub Qureshi have installed a tent at the gate of the Katai Mill to keep a watch on the strong room.

The tent is equipped with two LED screens. Both show a live feed of CCTV cameras out of the strong room. If the footage stops, the supporters bring it to the notice of the local election official immediately.

The administration, as Sirf News had reported yesterday, has allowed the candidates access to the live feed of CCTV cameras fitted inside the strong rooms.

Qureshi’s men are using binoculars to monitor the activities in and around the strong room. A telescope is available to the supporters of the opposition alliance during the daytime and the night when the device uses infrared technology.

Strong room, weak heart

According to Arjun Dhindala, his supporters are working in three shifts. There are 10 people employed particularly on night duty.

BSP district president Subhash Pradhan is camping in a tent since 11 April. Food and folding beds with mattresses have been arranged for the round-the-clock vigil.

SP district president Chaudhary Rajpal Singh also is staying put at the location.

The special superintendent of police, who reached the string room in Lucknow for inspection, was stopped along with the security forces outside the strong room. The force was not allowed to leave the car because the opposition workers could not see the security staff passes from outside the car! On showing the passes, they were allowed to do their job.

In Dehradun, the Congress instructed its polling agent not to leave his table. The smallest mistake will be harmful, he has been told.

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