Thursday 19 May 2022
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Pakistani woman narrates her ordeal in China

Many Pakistani girls who are married off to Chinese men only to find themselves in dire straits once they land in China

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Islamabad: Sex trafficking has become a common business in Pakistan. On the pretext of marriage, the Pakistani women are being forced into the flesh trade. The woman in this country has been suffering due to violence, brazen religious practices like halala and now sex trade which is on a rise. These innocent women are cheated and transported to China.

A few women, who luckily escaped and found a way back home, narrated their horrifying experience. One woman said that her Chinese husband used to force her to sleep with other men whom he would bring home as her customers.

Pakistani who could have lost her organs if she did not agree to flesh trade

Sakina Khan (name changed) revealed a shocking incident where her husband hanged her upside-down and took her naked picture and also made a video. She told, she was always beaten by her husband whenever she refused to oblige him. Her husband even denied their relationship and told her that he had bought her.

In a more bizarre incident, a woman said that the ordeal does not end with sex trade but goes beyond to organ trade. Organs of women are sold, too, said Sakina. She said that she saw a doctor visiting her place for organ trade when she aggressively refused to follow her husband. The doctor took some measurements of her body in a manner that indicated he was interested not in her but her organs.

Under the fear of losing her organs, Sakina accepted her husband’s demand of prostitution. But before that, she somehow managed to contact her family when she could get hold of a mobile phone and narrate the whole incident. Her family approached the Embassy in China. With the help of China police, she finally was rescued from the location where she had been held hostage by her Chinese husband. Finally, she was sent back to her family in Pakistan.

Sakina is not alone. There are many Pakistani girls who are married off to Chinese men only to find themselves in dire straits once they land in China.


China withholds 90 Pakistani brides’ visas for fear of trafficking

Recently, a sex racket working on the same lines was cracked down in Pakistan. Pakistani secret agencies have arrested 12 people involved in sex trafficking.

Tariq Rustom, Director FIA, said, “the number of women trafficked to China will be in hundreds and we are working hard to get the exact number.”

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