Thursday 30 June 2022
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Pakistani Hindu migrants staying in Delhi denied electricity supply

The HC last month had issued a notice to the Delhi and union governments on the petition seeking relief for the Pakistani Hindu families

The union government has opposed a seeking electricity connections for 200 Pakistani Hindu migrant families, who are currently putting up in northern Delhi’s Adarsh Nagar. The government told the Delhi High Court in a reply that the camp established by them at Delhi Jal Board Maidan was an encroachment on defence land.

Sources in the government said bureaucrats are still not sure how to implement the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) that can come to the relief of such families that have fled persecution in the neighbouring Islamic countries. “The would, anyway, not permit these refugees to occupy any plot of land illegally,” an official at the Ministry of Home Affairs whom Sirf News spoke to said.

The court last month had issued a notice to the Delhi government and union on the seeking relief for the Pakistani Hindu families who have fled the tyranny of the Islamic state.

The union government told the court that the land measuring 70.253 ac had been transferred to the Defence Research and Development Organisation in August 2018. The government said it had been consistently following up the removal of “unauthorised occupation/encroachment” on defence land with the district administration concerned and police.

The Ministry of Defence had taken up the matter for disconnection of electricity and water to the “unauthorised occupants” with the Delhi Jal Board and North Delhi Power Limited, the union government told the court.

“The present is misconceived in as much as the camps which have been set-up/established at the Land are illegal and have been established as a result of encroachment on Defence land,” reads the reply.

In the filed by Hariom through advocate Samiksha Mittal and others, it is stated that most of the Pakistani Hindu migrants have long-term visas and  cards, but the power company says that while Aadhaar can be used as a proof of one’s identity, it cannot be used as proof of occupancy of the premises.

The electricity company has declined to provide the Pakistani refugees with connections on account of lack of valid ownership proof of the addresses where they sought electricity supply, the government told the court in the filed last month.

The seeks a direction for including the card and long-term visa as sufficient evidence by the Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission in respect of the occupancy of the premises. There are 800 migrant Hindus living in the slums of Adarsh Nagar, as per the petition. The case is listed for hearing on 22 October.

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