Thursday 28 October 2021
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Pakistani girls trafficked to China for sex trade

The suspects bribed the families of the Pakistani girls, who were trafficked, with Rs 50,000 each, arranged fake weddings and then take them to China for prostitution


Lahore: A large racket that trafficked Pakistani to China has been exposed. According to reports from Pakistan, many are taken to China through deception and forced to enter the vocation of prostitution. Pakistan’s investigating agencies have 17 people, including 13 Chinese, this week in this connection.

Tariq Rustam, director of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) of Pakistan, said that the number of taken to China in the last few years can be in hundreds. Statistics related to the illicit trade are being collected.

Such cases have been surfacing for quite some time now. Pakistani girls are allegedly deceived and married off through fake ceremonies.

The FIA seven people on Tuesday. Among them are three Chinese citizens. They are members of a gang.

According to a report in Geo TV, FIA of Rawalpindi these people whose kingpin is a Chinese citizen. “Deputy Director FIA Jamil Ahmad Khan Mayo said the authorities, as part of a crackdown against foreigners involved in illegal activities in the country, arrested eight Chinese nationals from Lahore airport and other areas on the charges of trafficking young women to China after marrying them,” reads the report.

Earlier on Monday, 10 Chinese nationals, including a woman, who are allegedly part of the gang, were arrested.

The director of FIA, Punjab, said, “On Monday, we a Chinese woman and seven Chinese men on the charge of trafficking Pakistani girls to China for prostitution.”

Rustam said that the ringleader of these Chinese nationals, a certain Candice, is among the people. He was living near the Lahore airport for the last one year.

The suspect ringleader is the son of a Punjab Police officer. He had escaped when the authority raided his premises. He was out on bail until 13 May.

FIA officials attended a wedding to locate the traffickers from where they came to know the whereabouts of the Chinese suspects. They said the suspects bribed the families of girls, who were trafficked, with 50,000 Pakistani rupees each.

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