Tuesday 25 January 2022
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Pakistani appeal for mediation in Kashmir rejected in UN

The United Nations (UN) made it clear that the Pakistani appeal for mediation to resolve the Kashmir issue with India could not be accepted

Geneva: has suffered a setback once again on the issue of Kashmir from the United Nations. The United Nations (UN) made it clear that the Pakistani appeal for mediation to resolve the Kashmir issue with India could not be accepted. A statement issued by the UN Secretary-General’s spokesman clearly says that the two countries will have to resolve the issue through mutual negotiations.

Pakistani appeal rejected bluntly

The UN gave a sharp rebuttal to the Pakistani appeal. India’s western neighbour had requested mediation by the UN and the US on Kashmir issue. UN Secretary-General’s spokesperson Stephen Dujarric said, “Our position on mediation has always remained the same. The Secretary‑General has had contacts with both the government of and the government of India. He with the prime minister of India on the sidelines of the G7. He had spoken to the Pakistani Foreign Minister as well.”

Like many other countries, the UN has called the Kashmir issue bilateral. India has always ruled out the possibility of mediation.

United Nations: Resolve issues through negotiations

The UN made clear it on the ongoing tension on Kashmir that the two countries should find a solution to this issue in a peaceful manner, through dialogue.

India had recently exposed the misrepresentation of facts on the issue of Jammu and Kashmir by point by point in the United Nations Human Rights Council. On behalf of India, the secretary of the Ministry of External Affairs said that Pakistan had realised from India’s step (of virtual abrogation of Article 370) that its terrorist plans would no longer be successful. India blamed Pakistan for inciting violence in Jammu and Kashmir in that presentation.

Secretary (East) in the External Affairs Ministry Vijay Thakur Singh, in a clear reference to Pakistan, said those who were speaking on the human rights of minorities in other countries were “trampling upon them at will in their own country. They cry victim when they actually are the perpetrators”.

There was a need to call out those who are misusing the United Nations Human Rights Council for “malicious political agenda under the garb of human rights”, Singh said, rejecting ’s charges against India on the  issue at the 42nd session of the UNHRC. He added that the recent legislative measures taken by India in  and Kashmir were within the framework of its Constitution.

“These decisions were taken by our Parliament after a full debate that was televised and enjoyed widespread support. We wish to reiterate that this sovereign decision, like other pieces of legislation passed by Parliament, is entirely internal to India. No country can accept interference in its internal affairs, certainly not India,” the secretary said.

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