Wednesday 1 February 2023
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PoliticsWorldPakistan unnerved by ASAT asks world to restrain India

Pakistan unnerved by ASAT asks world to restrain India

India’s satellite destroying capability has panicked Pakistan that appealed to the international community to keep India under check

Islamabad: On Wednesday after India accomplished Mission Shakti, destroying a geostationary satellite with a DRDO-ISRO developed missile, ASAT, Pakistan said there was a need to avoid such steps that lead to war. In a statement issued by the foreign ministry of Pakistan, Islamabad has appealed to the global community to pay attention to this move of India.

According to Radio Pakistan, Prime Minister Imran Khan convened a high-level meeting on national security, which was attended by many senior officials including Pakistan Army chief Qamar Javed Bajwa.

Pakistan’s foreign office spokesman Mohammad Faisal said in a statement that space is a common heritage of humanity and every country has the responsibility to survive such measures that would lead to militarisation of the region. He said that Pakistan was a strong supporter of the UN resolution against arms race in outer space. He said that India’s test was like fighting fictional enemies.

Earlier, China reacted with nervousness to India’s ASAT missile test of 27 March, expressing hope that all countries will maintain peace in outer space.

[pullquote]Technically, all reports suggesting this is space war must be taken with a pinch of salt[/pullquote]

Reacting to India’s announcement mastering the technology that, so far, only the US, and China could manage, Pakistan said it was against militarisation of outer space.

Why ASAT isn’t space war

India has become one of the world’s premier super space powers with its achievement. However, technically, all reports suggesting this is space war must be taken with a pinch of salt. This technology is about destroying satellites of an enemy country at the time of war — never used by any power so far — rather than settling scores between countries in outer space. Destruction of an enemy satellite is planned when the satellite gives away strategically important information of one’s country, weakening its position in the war.

Narendra Modi announcing successful test of ASAT missile

Prime Minister Narendra Modi earlier had announced that India had destroyed a live satellite with an anti-satellite missile in space. By doing so, Modi asserted, India had etched its name as a space superpower.

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