Saturday 25 September 2021
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Pakistan says not worried about Rafale but contradicts itself

Pakistan is ready for any aggression and India’s latest induction of Rafale jets is not a cause of concern, the chief of the Army’s media wing said yesterday.

-General of the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) Maj Gen Babar Iftikhar made the claims at a press conference in which he spoke about various issues concerning Pakistan’s internal and external security.

When asked about the threat posed to by India’s recently purchased Rafale jets, the DG ISPR claimed that his force had no doubt about its capability and it was ‘absolutely ready’ for any aggression.

“The way the journey of the five Rafales from France to India was covered shows the level of their insecurities… Nonetheless, whether they receive five [Rafales] or 500, we are fine. We are absolutely ready and we have no doubt on our capability and we have proven this so it’s (the jets) not going to make much of a difference,” he said.

He also noted that India’s military spending is the highest in the world which affects the balance of the region. Talking about Pakistan’s defence spending, he said it has ‘consistently been going down, not up’.

“Their defence spending and their budget compared to ours is affecting the conventional balance of the region. And when this happens, things go into another domain and the international community should also look at this. So bring the Rafales [or] the S-400 [missile system], bring them on. We have our own preparedness and our own answers to everything.”

The first batch of five the 36 Rafale fighter aircraft that India bought from France, took off from France’s Istres airbase and arrived in India on 29 July. 

The Rafale aircraft is capable of carrying a range of potent weapons. The Rafale jets have given India’s air a strategic edge amid tensions with China and Pakistan.

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