Thursday 28 October 2021
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Pakistan minister blames India for pandemic

Fawad recently claimed that Indians spied on Imran Khan using Pegasus. Earlier, he had admitted to Pakistan role behind the Pulwama terror attack


Deflecting worldwide focus on China, accused of developing and unleashing coronavirus on the world, Pakistan’s Federal Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting Fawad Chaudhry has blamed India for the spread of Covid-19 in his country and the world. He claims that the world was on the verge of securing a victory over the coronavirus pandemic but lax policies of the NDA Government has put the world in jeopardy.

“There is no doubt that coronavirus has spread again quickly in Pakistan and it is the misfortune of this region that the measures the Narendra Modi government should have taken to prepare for Covid-19 were not taken due to which India has become a source in the whole world and the fourth wave of the coronavirus has come from India,” said Fawad Chaudhry.

He said, “The big reason for this is that the government of India unfortunately could not take adequate measures to curb it. The time when we were close to victory, that time due to the irresponsible policies of the Indian government, the world is in the grasp of the Delta Virus, which is essentially the Indian coronavirus, and the world is suffering again.”

It is interesting to note that Pakistan has so far shown no inclination to hold China responsible for the spread of Covid-19 despite suspicions that the virus leaked from a lab in and the first cases were reported in China. And yet, it seeks to blame India for the spread of the virus.

It is noted that western countries have fared much worse than India during the pandemic and yet, Fawad Chaudhry wishes to pin the blame on India. The Pakistani minister has a penchant for blaming everything on India.

He recently claimed that Indians spied on Imran Khan using Pegasus. Earlier, he had admitted to Pakistan’s role behind the Pulwama terror attack. He had said that Pakistan gave a befitting reply to India by entering Indian territory and attacking Indian soldiers in Pulwama.

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