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Pakistan Home Minister: Afghan land will be used against India

The nefarious intentions of Pakistan are no longer a matter of speculations in India, thanks to their Home Minister Sheikh Rashid's statement


Pakistan appears happy with the Taliban occupation of Afghanistan because the narrow stretch of land that India’s western neighbour had proved a disadvantage in wars against India whereas the terrorist-occupied land to its west now gives it a strategic depth. Confirming this apprehension in India, Pakistan Home Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmad said on 25 August that Pakistan would conduct anti-India activities from Afghanistan.

The nefarious intentions of Islamabad are no longer a matter of speculation, thanks to their home minister’s statement.

Sheikh Rashid said on Wednesday that India’s unease with the developments in Afghanistan and the Taliban occupation was clear. Talking to Pakistani media, Rashid said that India was uncomfortable with the Taliban occupation of Afghanistan. The whole world saw that India is in “mourning”, he said. India is evacuating its citizens from Afghanistan and “it shows defeat” according to the Pakistan home minister.

Rashid said the credit for India’s “defeat” in Afghanistan went to Pakistan and its institutions. Rashid said that Pakistan had been paying the price of disorder in Afghanistan for years and that it wanted to establish in Afghanistan, thereby securing peace in Pakistan.

As though reciprocating, Taliban spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid said the next day (today) that Pakistan was like a “second home” for the group and it would not allow any activity on Afghan that is not in the interest of the neighbouring country.

“Afghanistan shares its borders with Pakistan. We are traditionally aligned when it comes to religion. So we look forward to further deepening of ties with Pakistan,” Mujahid said.

India has lakhs of crores worth of investments in Afghanistan. After the Taliban occupation of Afghanistan, the future of India’s investment is now uncertain.

On the other hand, Islamabad has been traditionally close to terrorists of the Taliban. The government of Pakistan, sources in Islamabad said, were happy that not only India’s investment would sink now but the army and could use Afghanistan’s land in conspiracies against India.

Rashid, known for his anti-India jingoism, thanked Pakistan’s institutions for the eventual victory of the Taliban. Rashid referred to the and the Pakistan Army, accused worldwide of being in cahoots with the Taliban.

Islamabad considers the occupation of Kabul by the Taliban its own victory, sources added, as India’s 20 years worth of time, money and labour investment is staring at an uncertain future.


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