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World Pakistan admits to funding terrorists with Rs 7 lakh...

Pakistan admits to funding terrorists with Rs 7 lakh crore

When the Soviets occupied Afghanistan in the 1980s, we used to train these mujahideen to do jihad against it: Pakistan PM Imran Khan


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Islamabad: Terrorists’ refuge and sponsor Pakistan has once again admitted that it has not only trained the mujahideen (Islamic warriors) of terrorist organisations but has also spent about Rs 7 lakh crore on them. After Pakistan’s Home Minister, Prime Minister Imran Khan has confessed to giving shelter to the terrorists. But he says that he did a jihad against the Soviets, funded by the CIA of America.

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan said, “When the Soviets occupied Afghanistan in the 1980s, we used to train these mujahideen to do jihad against it. These people were trained by Pakistan, funded by the CIA of the US. After a decade, when the US arrived in Afghanistan, they said that because Americans were here, it was no longer jihad; it had become terrorism!”

The Pakistan prime minister said, “It was a big contradiction and I felt strongly that Pakistan should have remained neutral because these groups turned against us. We lost 70,000 of our people. We spent seven lakh crores of our economy on them. In the end, the US accused us of not being successful in Afghanistan. I think this was very unfair to Pakistan.”

On Thursday, Pakistan’s Home Minister Ejaz Ahmed Shah had confessed that his country had spent billions of rupees on the terrorist organization Jamat-ud-Dawa. Ejaz Ahmed said that the Imran Khan government spent billions of rupees on terrorist organisations so that it would remain in the mainstream. They were fighting in Afghanistan at the behest of Pakistan and it was Pakistan’s responsibility to give jobs and money to those terrorists, the minister said.

In the latest interview, Imran Khan said that it was strange to think what Pakistan has got by supporting terrorist groups. “I think Pakistan should have stayed away from it because we supported these groups to support the US. We sacrificed in large numbers during this period. We lost about 70,000 lives. Also, the economy of Pakistan has suffered by more than $ 100 billion.”

Khan said that, in the 1980s, the money to train terrorists was given to his country by the agency CIA of the US. However, America’s outlook changed completely after a decade. When the US came to Afghanistan, it named the same groups that were in Pakistan as terrorists. “Now, what can this be called?” Khan wondered.

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